Wondering what are the coolest and most immersive flight simulators that are available for the Oculus Rift?

Luckily there are many games to choose from. Developers of these simulations know that the Oculus Rift, and virtual reality headsets all together, are the only ones who can create this inner roller coaster inside of you. If you happen to watch the reactions from some of the people on Youtube, you know that it is not just some gimmicky feeling you experience. But to find the best ones may be a challenge as many of them are not yet ready for the VR, or are just a poor imitation of one.

So I have decided to do some research and inform you on some of the best flight simulators for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display that are available on the market.


DCS World


It is quite a known game amongst plane enthusiasts as it is considered one of the best flight simulators available on PC, even without the Oculus Rift. It focuses heavily on the realism that you don’t see in other game. And rightly so. It is not a game. Just learning how to fly the aircrafts is a big challenge.

Each plane (that you have to purchase individually) is acting differently from the other one. They are also different from the inside. When you use your Oculus Rift, you see every little detail in front of you, and each switch, button, or display can be interacted with. When you look outside the cockpit you can feel how far the land is from you. You see different buildings, landscapes, and targets for you to shoot (if your plane can fire).

It is a very hard game to master but being on that learning curve is still fun inducing, even for beginners. If you have a wish to experience immersive realism, this game is for you.


Lunar Flight


Lunar Flight is a really enjoyable game for those who like flying slowly in space, and focus on the accuracy of your controlled spacecraft. The interior is really sexy looking, and can give you an awesome feeling when you turn your head around to see some stats (for safe landing). You have different cameras which you can use to see your surroundings with more clarity.

The main job that you’ll have, is to lift cargo, and transport it from point A to point B. If you accidentally bump into something you may lose control of your spacecraft quite easily. So for this flight simulator, precision is very important in order to be successful.


War Thunder


War Thunder (about) is a combat flight simulator/MMO game that focuses on time between WW2 and Korean War, where you’ll have a variety of plane options to choose from. All of them have their own personality in terms of how they behave, fly, and how they look.

Even though you don’t have to pay for this game, it still manages to give you an amazing virtual reality experience. But because of this game being free to play, you can encounter some unnecessary plane balance issues that may ruin the fun. Nevertheless, it is worth to get as it’s a very immersive game, and can give a little advantage over other players since you can look around in your plane more easily.

Plus, it is a lot easier to master your flying in this flight simulator than in other games that are mentioned above.


Elite Dangerous


If you are at least in any way familiar with the virtual world then you have heard about this piece of art (about and how to setup Elite: Dangerous).

Although it is not a usual flight simulator since it is all happening in space, it cannot be excluded from the list. It is considered one of the best Oculus Rift games that is available right now. Cockpit is extremely detailed and the engagement that you might get from looking out of the cockpit may give you chills. When I first time tried it out, I just wanted to look around the place and not worry about the flying. When you sit inside, you could feel this claustrophobic feeling that just eats you slowly (I don’t like tight places). And it is not a bad thing.

Rarely can you get such feelings from the video game. If you have some extra dollars to spend, you should definitely get the Elite Dangerous for that awesome and unusual experience.



Honorable Mentions: Flight Simulator X, RiftWings, Skycall: Rook Island, Wingsuit, Prepar3D, Volo Airsport.



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