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90% of Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Cases are Bad, Except These:

I’ve looked through many of the Oculus Quest 2 carrying cases, as I have been in need of one myself.

Yet, I have found that not all of them are worth the money. In fact, even the official “Carrying Case for Lightweight, Portable Protection” doesn’t do a good job due to inefficient design. It looks cool due to being minimalistic, but that is also its kryptonite as it brings certain inefficiencies. Its zipper, while looks nice, is really hard to get due to being hidden, and the case itself doesn’t support bigger head straps, should you upgrade it in the future.

You can still get it on Amazon for quite a cheap price if the factors above didn’t change your opinion.

But I think you at least should be aware of other options. Also, if you don’t care about the quality, you can always find inspiration from this picture:

random homemade oculus quest 2 carrying case

Redditors are creative.

But, if you are looking for something more serious, these are the options that I’ve found that pass my review standards.


Best Oculus Quest 2 Carrying Cases

AMVR Small and Portable Fashion Travel Case for Oculus Quest 2

Colors: Black and Grey

Sizes: 9.25in x 4.72in x 13.38in (23.5cm x 12cm x 34cm)

Weight: 516 grams

Shoulder strap: Yes

Custom strap support: Only Oculus Elite Strap


This one is not perfect either, but it has its own positive merits to be on this list. It’s very sturdy, isn’t very eyecatching for those who want minimalistic style.

It does support the official Oculus Elite strap, but anything other than that and this one is not for you. Despite looking like it has enough space, it does not support halo straps.

In terms of material, it’s made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA in short. It’s a good and strong material, but it does give out a smell, at least at the beginning. You will feel a rubbery smell the first few weeks of using it, and then the smell should even out (other cases also have that issue).

I would have liked it to be water-resistant as well, but it really depends on where and how much you plan to use it. You can wear it in your hand, or throw it on a shoulder belt to wear it like a bag. The versatility is what won me over with this AMVR case.

It comes in 2 colors at the moment, so choose one of your own preference.


Esimen Travel Case for Oculus Quest 2

Esimen travel case for Oculus Quest 2

Colors: Black

Sizes: 8.8in x 6.2in x 14.5in (22.4cm x 15.7cm x 37cm)

Weight: 540 grams

Shoulder strap: No

Custom strap support: Yes



This one comes with style and functionality, as its biggest selling point is being compatible with many accessories. As it is an accessory-driven carrying case, it also sells accessories like halo strap, controller grips, face masks, lens protection, and so on.

All of them are compatible with this case.

It is compatible with many different halo strap designs as well. You can find the compatibility list on the URL link below.

The biggest reason it’s here apart from the useful compatibility list is its look. For those that don’t want the minimalist style that the previous one had, Esimen fills the shoes perfectly. Esimen has this futuristic, yet slick look to it, that appeals even my clean-cut style.

As the outside looks like carbon fiber, the inside is EVA, just like with AMVR. That means that the rubbery smell will emit for the first few weeks.


SARLAR Design Hard Carrying Case for Oculus Quest 2

SARLAR oculus quest 2 carrying case

Colors: Gray

Sizes: 10.2in x 5.7in x 13in (25.9cm x 15.7cm x 33cm)

Weight: 635 grams

Shoulder strap: No

Custom strap support: Only Oculus Elite Strap



If we are looking for something that resembles the official Oculus carrying case, this one does the job fairly well. Additionally, it has superior zippers and more accessories.

Just like with the Esimen carrying case, it comes with accessories, and these ones already come with the price –  VR wall mount for controllers, controller grips, lens protection, lens cloth, Velcro tape (the tape is meant to manage our VR cables).

Everything fits fairly well. You may need to shove the controllers in a bit more if you have custom controller grips. It also isn’t best suited for bulky headset straps, so be mindful of it when buying this one.



When you choose one, just be aware of the limitations that each Oculus Quest 2 carrying case has. Many do not support bulky halo straps. But they do if they mention them in compatibility lists.

I’ve tried to shows the options that are visually very different, so I am sure at least one of these cases is perfect for you.

best oculus quest 2 carrying case

Some controller grips that were purchased separately may not fit, so make sure that there is room for them as well. All the default stuff that comes with Oculus Quest 2 will not have any issues with not fitting.

If you think that you have any issues with the cases listed above, let me know in the comments. If you know of any other superior Oculus Quest 2 carrying case, hit me up as well!


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