About Guided Meditation – The Oculus Rift Game

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Genre: Experience, Relaxation
Website: http://guidedmeditationvr.com/
Maker: Cubicle Ninjas
Release date: Oct. 14. 2014
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Mac, Linux, Oculus Rift DK1, DK2


About Guided Meditation

As the virtual reality progresses, so does the relaxation genre. For those of you who want to go home and relax after a hard day at work, Guided Meditation is one of the best solutions.

It offers 4 different environments that you can choose from. Each of them are quite unique and have a specific kind of soundtrack playing in the background. You start in the menu with all kinds of cubicles slowly flying around you. Once you have picked a theme, it sends you through a portal to another dimension. In the beginning you will be flying, or gliding on a surface of the area to a landing point, but once you stop, you will listen to a female voice helping you to relax.

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These 4 environments will feature canyons, rainforests, Indonesian beaches, and a Japanese garden. If the information on their official website is true, then they will be giving us more content once the consumer version of the Oculus Rift is released (which is expected in late 2015). They have even made a voting map, where they ask users to give them their own opinion as to what they would like to see in the future (new environment in space is most voted at this moment). So we have to take to consideration that this app is still in early stages, and may change drastically further down the line.

A lot of people who want to get some peace, put on these sleeping masks that blocks the light entering the vision. Oculus Rift, however, does it naturally as we all know. There have already been relaxation games on the PC, which actually are not that bad. But using the virtual reality can send you to another “relaxation level” that is hard to achieve without the headset. And Guided Meditation is here to connect the peacefulness with the virtual reality. Framerate is also important part for the brain to relax, and luckily, there are no issues with stuttering, or with the FPS, as it uses quite simplistic textures that don’t require a lot of PC horsepower.

If you want to turn off your brain, feel free to download this game for free by clicking here.


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