Hey everyone, I am Alexander. I have been a big fan of technology and entertainment, especially which centers around gaming, for over 10 years.

At the moment I am a college student who studies engineering and programming.

I have always wanted to be independent, and be my own boss, and what is the better way to do it than to make my own website.

I know I love virtual reality headsets, and I see a big potential in that branch, so why not share the information I have with the rest of the world.

That way we will all be up to date with the technology we have, and can grow together in terms of knowledge we get.


I am really thrilled to start this journey, and if you have any questions, support, or feedback regarding vr headsets, i would be more than happy to connect.

Just leave them in the comment section and make sure to visit the site regularly, as i will regularly be here updating it 😉





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