About Me, Rift Info, And Why I Need Your Help.

Hi, my name is Alex.

Over the years I’ve published hundreds upon hundreds of articles on this site, almost all of them by myself. And now I ask for your help.

I started in 2014, around the time when I moved to a new city, butt naked with no money. I found a nice little job and a room where I could sleep. Unfortunately, I damaged my hand in a work accident to such a degree that I couldn’t do the job I was assigned for.

I had to find an alternative.

 about rift info
How front page looked back in 2014.

That is how Rift Info was born. I was frantically searching for jobs that I could do at home and stumbled upon people who suggested me to create my own blog. Since I saw a huge interest and a potential growth in virtual reality, I immediately started to write my own articles and posts regarding Oculus Rift, and various tips that helped Rift users. It was a slow beginning.

At times, I had so little money that I was starving. I was a bit stubborn to ask anyone for money so I remember the times when I was so hungry that my hands were shaking.

Although I was physically suffering a bit, my mood was better than ever. I was finally doing something I loved to do, and I didn’t regret a thing. Then, I was finally starting to get paid. It was just a coffee money back then, but I was finally at peace knowing that I can bring food to the table through Rift Info.

Around 2016, I grew so big and I wrote so much that I, unfortunately, burned myself out.

Late 2016 and most of 2017 I started to do other things that also were tied to VR. My and one of my closest friends started to build VR games. I was the 3D artist and he was the programmer.

The first little game that we published was called Defend The Fort VR. It’s inspired by a bow game in “The Lab”, so we decided to make something similar. That was a good learning experience for us, so we decided to focus on the second project, Architect VR, that we work on until this very day. (Building apartments in VR ↓).


However, I do not want to abandon Rift Info, ever. I still love writing and helping people and that’s why I am not going to stop publishing posts. It can probably be seen in my rising frequency of posts since May.


I need your help!

rift info popularityAlthough I am already seeing a popularity rise in Rift Info, I do not want to do this alone.

I would like you to help me build a really great site with a great community that helps everyone to have the best Rift experience. There is a lot of information scattered across the web so my goal is to be one of the best sites for gathering various tips regarding VR.

All in one place.

If you are interested in writing for us about random Oculus Rift topics, do let me know through a contact page!

In the coming weeks, I am also releasing a forum that can be used for talking about different topics like how to improve this site, what Oculus Rift tips are the best, and whatever you deem noteworthy.

It’ll be a slow start but I am up for it. I want to grow together as one. I will also be keeping you on track on various games that Virtustellar, our company, releases and will probably give you discounts once that happens. Some games will even be free.

I want to build Rift Info with you and would be really glad if you could help me, whether it be through writing articles for us, engaging in our upcoming forum, or even just by following. Everything would help!

Thank you.


  • Alex


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