Oculus Rift obedient echo

About the Oculus Rift Game – Obedient Echo

Oculus Rift obedient echo

Genre: Experience, Exploration
Website: http://mahrib-fyp.tumblr.com/
Maker: Matthew Gates
Release date: 04/04/2015
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Oculus Rift DK2


About Obedient Echo

This Oculus Rift game has been released recently in the Oculus Share store.

Although we do not know much about the background story of this game, I feel as if it’s a story of blind guy who woke up recently trying to navigate his castle to the bathroom.

With each clap you make with your left click, a burst of forcefield-like bubble emanates from you, giving you some sense as to where you are located. If you will not clap every 5 seconds, room around you goes black. With your right click you can interact with letters which gives you some vague idea as to what is going on. Even though I finished the game, I am still not sure.

Oculus Rift obedient echo

It does, however, look pretty good. There are some problems with lag spikes, especially in the towers, but it gives you some good looking visuals. I really liked the part where you walked outside where the rain was falling. When you looked to your left, a thunder struck, showing you mountains in the far distance.

I love how in the description of this game it says: “… giving the player time to just discover their surroundings in a relaxed manner. ” Not sure where the relaxed part kicked in. If anything, I was expecting a jumpscare any moment while I was progressing. That feeling was increased by the eery music playing in the background. It almost felt like this cliché moment in movies where the character tries to lid the matches in the darkness, and once he did that, a scary face just jumps in front of you.

Oculus Rift obedient echo

You will be walking past towers, bridges, walking in the water (not on), and listening to things that sounds awfully like wind chimes.

As I said, there are some performance issues, at least for me, and the story is quite mysterious, but it still manages to keep you on your toes while wondering what will happen next. The developer of this game has a blog, that you can visit, where he explains each step in his road to finishing the game. And by the looks of it, a great deal of effort went into Obedient Echo.


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