All Games That Work With Oculus Rift Runtime 0.7

When Oculus Rift Runtime 0.7 was released, not a lot of vr games were compatible with that version. Now almost a month has passed, allowing game developers to catch up with the changes.

Probably the biggest change in 0.7 was the removal of the headache aka. extended mode. The latest direct driver mode allows Oculus to be compatible with Gameworks VR and Liquid VR, applications that are available only on the best VR PC hardware.

However, not all developers have updated their games in compatibility area. Even game like Elite: Dangerous – considered one of the best VR games – is behind the current times.

That is why it’s better if everyone knows of this list that is circling around the Internet:


Oculus Runtime 0.7 Games

08:46 Oculus Share N/A
7 Nanocycles N/A Oculus Share N/A
AltspaceVR Official N/A
ARK: Survival Evolved STEAM << N/A
ATLASrift Developers Website Oculus Share N/A
Blackbox N/A Oculus Share N/A
BLAST BUSTER Developers Website N/A
Blocked In Developers Website Official N/A
CastleCoaster N/A Oculus Forums N/A
CAT Interstellar Developers Website Steam N/A
Chemistry Experiment VR Facebook page Oculus Share N/A
Coffee Without Words Developers Website Google Drive N/A
Convrge Official Oculus Share N/A
Crystal Rift N/A Steam N/A
Darkfield Alpha – Sneak peak N/A Oculus Share N/A
Deo Favente Demo Developer Website Mega N/A
Dimensional Developer Website Developer Website N/A
Dirt Rally N/A Steam N/A
Dolphin VR N/A Dropbox Command Line Arguments Needed
Doors of Silence N/A Oculus Share N/A
Dreadhalls Developer Website Developer Website N/A
Endless Dead Official Website Demo N/A
Endless Labyrinth N/A Oculus Share N/A
Enterprises N/A wearvr N/A
Escape from Wizard Island tesseract Oculus Share N/A
Euclidean Demo Official Website Demo (Dropbox) N/A
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Developers Website Steam N/A
Final Strike Official Website Download N/A
Firefox Nightly (for WebVR) Official N/A
Flying Aces VR N/A N/A
FlyInside FSX N/A Official Website N/A
FlyInside P3D N/A Official Website N/A
Golf Masters Official Website Download N/A
Gravitas VR N/A N/A
I Expect You to Die N/A Oculus Share N/A
InCell Official Steam N/A
InMind N/A Steam N/A
Janus VR Official Official Website N/A
Live for Speed Official Website Official N/A
Lucid Arch Dreams N/A Developers Website N/A
Lunar Flight Developers Website Steam N/A
Martello Tower Z N/A Oculus Share N/A
MaxVR N/A Oculus Share N/A
MocuMocuDance Developers Website N/A
MushroomBallVR – beta Developers Website Oculus Share N/A
My Neighbour Totoro VR N/A Oculus Share Some reported issues
Neuro Developers Website Oculus Share Yes
NewRetroArcade Developers Website Google Drive v4.0
Nighttime Terror Official Oculus Share N/A
No Limits 2 Official Steam N/A
Picard’s Quarters N/A Developers Website N/A
Plane9 N/A Official Website N/A
Play Pit demo N/A Oculus Share N/A
PonyVRVille from /r/ponyvrville/ Developer Website Google Drive N/A
prepar3d Flight simulator N/A N/A N/A
Project Cars Official Steam N/A
Q01 – a simple 3D platformer N/A wearvr N/A
Quake for Rift (Quakespasm Rift) N/A github N/A
RGBVerseVR N/A Oculus Share N/A
Senza Peso “optimized version” N/A Oculus Forums N/A
Sightline – The Chair Official Oculus Share N/A
Spirited Away N/A Oculus Share Some reported issues in Windows 10
StreetView VR Official Official N/A
Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit- The Virtual Reality Experience Developers Website Official N/A
Technolust beta N/A Purchase Page N/A
TekRok N/A Oculus Share N/A
Territory Defense N/A Oculus Share N/A
The Grid Of Gaia Official << N/A
The Ice Princess Experience 2.0 N/A Oculus Share N/A
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux N/A Steam Info Here
Time Machine VR Developers Website Steam N/A
Titans of Space Official Oculus Share N/A
Tokyo Warfare Developers Website Mega N/A
Unreal Paris (FPS fix here) N/A Developers Website N/A
Valiant Official Oculus Share N/A
Virtual Desktop Official Developers Website N/A
Voxel Paint N/A Via Oculus Share N/A
VR Chat Developers Website Oculus Share N/A
VROOM: Aerie N/A Steam N/A
World of Diving Developers Website Steam N/A
Whirligig Video Player Developers Website N/A N/A
Windlands Guardians Of The Wind Mega N/A
Ziran: Passage to Nature Developers Website Oculus Share N/A