All The Oculus Rift Controllers – The Complete List!

Wondering how many controllers are there for the Oculus Rift headset?

As the virtual reality rises, so does the competition. In just a few weeks there have been some awesome announcements within the virtual scene, even though many have desired for more. Especially regarding the official Oculus input for the Oculus Rift.

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But, there are still tons of options to choose from regarding the use of our hands for controlling the VR. Here is a list of all the Oculus Rift controllers that are known to us at this current moment:


Controller Nr. 1 – Razer Hydra

oculus rift controller

Razer Hydra uses magnetic motion sensing that computes the exact location of your hands with a millimeter accuracy. It is also with a very low latency so you won’t experience much lag when waving your arms.



  • Does not track fingers
  • Can only use while sitting
  • Not sold officially anymore


Controller Nr. 2 – Sixense Stem

oculus rift controller

It is made by the same guys who developed Razer Hydra. Sixense Stem has a better tracking than the previous input, and also features up to five motion trackers, which Razer Hydra didn’t have. That gives an opportunity to track not only your hands, but the full body.

Sixense Stem will be an open platform (like OSVR for the Oculus Rift). So if you a developer, you can create games with no restrictions. As it also has a backwards compatibility, all the games that you play with Razer Hydra, will be supported for the Sixense Stem.


  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Body Motion Trackers
  • Even more accurate than Hydra


  • No finger tracking
  • Sixense Stem shipping time is unstable


Controller Nr. 3 – Leap Motion

oculus rift controller

Leap Motion is a hardware company that focuses on hand and finger motions to use them as input. That means you don’t have to wear or hold anything to be able to control your character, or interact with things in-game. Leap Motion device is placed on the front cover of the Oculus Rift.

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As with the Hydra and Sixense, it has its own library and a list of games.


  • Does not need wearable equipment
  • Easy to use
  • Has its own game library


  • Hand recognition is sometimes inaccurate


Controller Nr. 4 – PrioVR

Oculus RIFT

PrioVR has hit the road after having a successful Kickstarter a year ago. Since then they have been improving their controller in many ways. PrioVR uses inertial sensors to give you low latency, and comfortable usage without the need of wearing large equipment on your body. You can preorder the device with a choice of 3 different versions. The difference is in price, and in the amount of sensors you can equip on your body (head, hands, shoulder, legs, and so on). It will come with its own hand controller.


  • A lot of body trackers
  • Wireless
  • Low latency


  • Not a lot of games support this many body trackers
  • A slight position drift over time
  • Release date was pushed back to early 2015




*List is updated very soon.





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