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Be READY! Oculus Rift to be at $349 on Black Friday

Black Friday is a bit over a week away, and when it’s here, all madness breaks loose.

From Nov. 23 to 25, Oculus Rift gets a $50 price reduction from the $400 price point. Since the price has been lowered more than once this year, even $50 is a huge number.

They aren’t the leading jaw-droppers though in the VR market in terms of price discount. Acer VR headset gets dropped from $400 to $300, and considering that they are getting Steam support very soon which widens their games library, it can become quite tempting to spend money on it.

VR products are going to be cheaper all over the place, with Best Buy offering the juiciest discounts at this moment. As Amazon is the current leading retail shop, they will come out with more and better deals in the coming days.

There are also some crazy discounts on VR PC‘s, as well as on laptops that support virtual reality gaming. If you wish to be up to date, follow us on social media and we’ll let you know of some of the best deals to expect.


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