UPDATED: Best Oculus Rift and GTA 5 VorpX Setup Available

Searching for the best Oculus Rift setup for GTA 5? I’ll give you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to configure your PC so you can run GTA 5 as well as possible on your Oculus Rift headset, plus giving solutions to some problems.

UPDATE: This is an outdated tutorial. It may or may not work. For a more recent setup, check out this GitHub page.

Well, first of all, if you have an Oculus headset, you have probably heard of a program called VorpX (here is a vorpX review). To play GTA 5 there is no other option but to buy this program. VorpX lets you play Rift games that do not natively support HMD’s (head-mounted displays). Although it is a good program and a lot of effort is spent on it by developers, it still has some issues from time to time (much less than before though). Making it so your nausea levels do not rise too high, requires manual workarounds. Here is a tutorial:


Step-by-step Tutorial – 2018 Version (vorpX is used)

1. Open GTA 5 and change from “Fullscreen” to “Windows borderless.”

2. Download these 3 files:

3. Extract ScriptHook RAR file and copy only ‘dinput8.dll’ and ‘ScripHookV.dll’.

4. Place those copied files into GTA V installation folder.

5. Place the downloaded GTAVR.asi file into GTA 5 installation folder.

6. Start vorpX.

oculus rift vorpx gta 5

7. Right-click vorpX in the Start menu. Choose “Configure vorpX”.

8. Click on ‘Local Profile’ and type in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’.

9. Right-click on that and choose ‘create a new profile’.

10. Click the ‘Game Settings Optimizer’ in the left menu.

11. Type Grand Theft Auto V’ again in the search bar.

12. Click on it to make it highlighted and choose ‘Optimize Settings’.

13. Hit ‘Apply and Close’.oculus rift gta 5 flawless widescreen

14. Install Flawless Widescreen and open it.

15. Go to ‘Settings – Configuration’ and make sure that the Steam folder is in the right place.

16. Select Grand Theft Auto 5 from the left menu and tick the ‘Fix Enabled’.

17. Slide all sliders in FOV to 34.5. It’s considered the best one. You can play around with it.

18. In Individual Boxes, select all of them except ‘Letterbox Fix’.

19. Tick the ‘Acknowledge and Ignore’.

20. Minimize Flawless Widescreen.

oculus rift gta 5 steam

21. Open Oculus App and Steam.

22. Click on Play Grand Theft Auto 5. Do not go online or you may get banned.

23. Click the middle mouse button, which should zoom you out of the screen.

24. Click ‘Story Mode’.

25. Once in-game, type in the Numpad keyboard: 0 5 2 5 0oculus rift gta 5 vorpx settings26. For vorpX settings, click on DEL button.

27. Main settings: 3D Reconstruction – Z-normal; Separation 3D Strength – 1.00; Depth Weighting near and far – 1.00

28. Image Settings: Aspect Ratio Correction – Pixel 1:1; Image Zoom – 1.00

29. Head Tracking Settings: 1.00

30. If you don’t like those settings, you can try the ones below. I’ve heard that some have increased their Separation 3D Strength up to 2-3, and that gave this additional 3D feel that you don’t really get from Z-normal. You can change from Z-normal to G3D, but you will get a major FPS hit.

Old Step-by-step Tutorial For Oculus Rift – GTA 5 Setup:


Basically, enough time has passed for people to make their own changes to enhance the VR experience. Since I follow these great guys, I decided to update my guide accordingly for maximum comfort. Kudos to crayfishery, the maker of this upcoming mod, and to people like iupvoteevery for organizing the guide.

1) Be sure to have vorpX. Still one of the best and leading programs for VR.

2) Start the game without vorpX. Go into borderless windowed mode and max all the setting EXCEPT MSAA. You should turn it off since it removes the 3D effect. Leave the game.

3) Download the GTA headtracking mod. Once downloaded, place it into your GTA V main folder.

4) Download ScriptHookV and place it also in GTA V directory.

5) If you want high graphics, download and place this file into GTA V folder. If you want medium graphics, place this file into GTA V folder. After all this file addings, you should have 5 additional files in your GTA V folder.

6) Launch the game with vorpX on. If it crashes, try again. After the game started, go to vorpX menu (delete button), and have it like this:

Headtracking settings completely off, aspect ratio 1:1, zoom as 1, 3D weightning to max, and Cinema Mode – Off.

7) Press middle mouse button to go into EdgePeek, and in menu click Story Mode. Once in-game, use the middle mouse button to get out of EdgePeek mode. Follow the on-screen prompts to activate VR mode. Press numberpad 0 to access the mod’s menu, numberpad 8 and 2 to navigate the menu, numberpad 5 to select.

This should be all. With this MOD everything looks much better, head tracking is better, disables player heading line, have weapons collide with other objects (like car windows), you can now even walk backward and some other extra stuff. It works best with controllers, so feel free to try out things.

This GTA V head tracking mod was made by crayfishery, so if you want to support him financially, you can do so by clicking here.

Slightly outdated version:

1. Set Oculus Rift to be in extended mode.

oculus rift gta 5

2. Download Flawless Widescreen.

oculus rift gta 5

Do know that GTA 5 may have an anti-cheat program when playing online, and it may trigger, so use it with your own caution. The biggest problem for users was that the FOV was too zoomed in when playing GTA 5. This program fixes it.

UPDATE (01.09.2016): This program (download GTA V FOV v1.32) could be used as an alternative if anything goes wrong.

3. Check individual Fixes.

oculus rift gta 5

Be sure to have a check in First Person FOV, First Person (Zoom 1) FOV, First Person (Zoom 2) FOV, Increase FOV Limits, Vehicle Person FOV, and Third Person FOV. Letterbox fix you may leave unchecked.

4. Configure VorpX settings.

After you activated the VorpX and turned on GTA 5, open the VorpX setting menu and have it like this:


  • Activate VorpX –                          On
  • Display Mode –                             Rift
  • Virtual Cinema Mode –              Off
  • 3D Reconstruction –                   Z-Normal
  • Separation (3D-Strength) –       1.60
  • Depth Weighting (near-far) – 0.65


  • Image Sharpening –                    1.00
  • Fix Chromatic Aberration –        On
  • Fix Black Smear –                        On
  • Aspect Ratio Correction –         Letterbox 1
  • Image Zoom –                               0.68
  • 2D FOV Enhancement –           0.00
  • Lens Set (eyecup) –                    Your lens set
  • Interpupillary Distance –          Your pupillary distance (You can measure it by clicking on “calibrate IPD”)

Head Track

  • Head Tracking –                            On
  • HT Sensitivity –                             0.75
  • HT Roll –                                          On
  • HT Invert X-Axis –                        Off
  • HT Invert Y-Axis –                        Off
  • HT Crouch/Jump –                      Off


  • Disable Mouse Acceleration –  Yes
  • Handle Gamepads Internally – No
  • Head Tracking as Gamepad –   Off

5. Configure GTA 5 settings.

oculus rift gta 5

  • Got to Menu → Settings → Keyboard / Mouse → Mouse Input Method – Windows (that reduces head tracking latency)
  • Menu → Settings → Camera → First Person On Foot Field of View – turn that up to MAX.
  • Menu → Settings → Display Brightness – Turn it DOWN (to your own personal preference of course)

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How GTA 5 should look:

Some Solutions To Problems That May Arise With GTA 5, Oculus Rift and VorpX

Problem: No head tracking and you get the message: “rift init timed out”.

Solution: Next time do not pirate games.

Problem: “GTA 5 will not hook” to VorpX.

Solution: Try turning off all the programs that are running in the background. If that doesn’t work, reinstall VorpX.

Problem: GTA 5 doesn’t work with Windows 8.

Solution: Start GTA 5 first, then open VorpX in compatibility mode.

Problem: Low framerate with GTA 5 when using Oculus Rift.

Solution: For Nvidia users, you may try changing Vsync mode to “adaptive vsync”.

Problem: After turning on the game, there is no 3D effect.

Solution: Although there is no fix for it at the moment, you can just simply alt-tab yourself off and on screen.

Problem: GTA 5 cutscenes are unbearable to watch with the Oculus Rift.

Solution: Change your Oculus Rift mode to “Virtual Cinema Mode” by clicking the middle mouse button (if it’s bound to that). After the cutscene, simply click on it again.

Problem: Head is not responsive enough in vehicles.

Solution: Go to game settings and increase “mouse sensitivity inside vehicles”.

Problem: Joystick conflicting with head tracking.

Solution: As of now, there is no solution, since for some reason GTA 5 does not allow turning off gamepads. The fix may come in the near future. If you are aware of any fix, feel free to comment below.

Problem: Feeling cross-eyed when playing GTA 5.

Solution: Start GTA 5, VorpX, Flawless Widescreen, and Oculus Runtime as Administrator.

Problem: Joystick issue when using a PS3 controller.

Solution: Exclude the left trigger and then map “s” to it via xpadder. After that remove R3 (“look behind”) and bind it to the aim key.

Big thanks to the VorpX official forum and to ImmersiveGamer83, since they were the main source of all the information. If you got any more advice to give regarding Oculus Rift and GTA 5, feel free to comment below and I will make sure to edit my article.

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  1. I see this post is 2015. I just bought vorpx (August 2016) will these files to download still help, or is this outdated?????

  2. is this the best setup for Xbox 1 controller as well, sry if this is a stupid question but I am dying to try this, I have owned this on PS3, ps4 and now my first PC what a beast 8), sry if this is a stupid question I’m a PC noob

  3. Thx this looks very helpful but can I still use a game pad, never bin good with keyboard and mouse, is this the best setup for a Xbox 1 controller?

  4. Please help I followed everything to the T and for what ever reason when I come out of peek mode the screen is black and I can still hear audio, and as soon as I pop back out the image comes back, I can’t find anyone with this issue

    1. I think you should contact Ralf, maker of vorpX. He might help you more with that. Hope you resolve it!

  5. What’s the advantage of that crayfish headtracking mod over the Vorpx one?

    Vorpx .9 has headtracking with GTA V. I play it in conjunction with Flawless Widescreen.

    The only issue is the minimap isn’t visble from within the car unless you use edgepeek or play GTA V in the virtual cinema mode.

    1. Hi, well this mod could be considered as an upgrade to previous vorpX build.
      Apparently it adds the following things:

      Native head tracking (including positional tracking)
      De-coupled look, walk and aim (for most weapons)
      Built in FOV fix
      Eliminated head bobbing.

    1. Ah thank you for replying. As this article is one of the first in google searches, I’ll update my post with this recent guide.

  6. Hey I haven’t pirated GTA 5 infact, I bought it on steam, but I keep getting the “rift init time out” error, please help

    1. GTA V is 64 bit. Vorpx has a 32 bit and 64 bit driver. You should check to see that the 32 and 64 bit vorpx processes are in memory. Antivirus can stop the 64 bit vorpx component from working which means no GTA V.

      Zonealarm and Comodo internet security are two examples that stop Vorpx working fully.

      Also make sure Skype isn’t running as that will crash Vorpx.

  7. Hi
    I followed your guide, still changing VorpX settings because I have bad 3D effects with your settings. So, note to new users: Use this guide as a starting point and make changes to suit your taste.

  8. Thanks!! Downloading Flawless Widescreen really did the trick. Think changing mouse input method helped also a lot.

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