Looking for an Oculus Rift gaming laptop? Look no more because I have researched this topic extensively.

You see, I am a VR blogger.

My job is to write everything Oculus Rift related, as well as everything that goes on in the world. On top of that, I am using a laptop to showcase, play games and use it for my writing and 3D work with Oculus Rift. Not only have I looked into what is available, I made sure that I get the best for a specific price. Now I am sharing my knowledge with you.

I will list you the best notebooks, and tell you their strengths and weaknesses when playing with Oculus Rift.

This topic is personal for me, as I purchased one of these laptops for my VR rig myself. I’ve seen that some sites recommend specific products but I do not agree with them as I’ve seen them recommend portable notebooks that can’t even give out images on VR display, so it seems like I need to make my own list.

Here are the best notebooks for Oculus Rift in 2018, listed by budget:

Best Oculus Rift Laptops in 2018:

  • $900-1,200 Price Range
    Acer Predator Helios 300≈ $1,049* Very powerful for this price point.
    * The design is super flashy.
    Dell i7577-5241BLK-PUS Inspiron Gaming Laptop≈ $931* Extremely cheap.
    * Subtle Design.
    Eluktronics N870HP6 Pro-X Gaming Laptop≈ $1,199* Superior and vibrant IPS display.
    * Customizable RGB keyboard.
    * Brightness is strong for outdoor VR usage.
  • $1,300-1,600 Price Range
  • Eluktronics Pro-X P950HR VR Ready Gaming Laptop≈ $1,649* Very thin and light.
    * Stronger GPU.
    ASUS ROG GL702VS 17.3″ Ultra Thin and Light Laptop≈ $1,517* Has G-SYNC.
    * Has USB 3.1 Type C.
    * Stronger GPU.
    Acer Predator 17 Gaming Laptop≈ $1,449* Higher Refresh Rate.
    * Good cooling.
    * Enough ports for VR on the go.
  • $1,700+ Price Range
  • ASUS ROG STRIX Gaming Laptop ≈ $1,999* Strongest Specs.
    * 120Hz Panel.
    GIGABYTE Aero 15X v8-BK4 15″ Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop≈ $2,399* Strongest Specs.
    * Newest CPU.
    * Incredibly Light and Thin.
    * 144Hz Panel and IPS Display.



    $900-1,200 Price Range

    Acer Predator Helios 300

    best oculus rift gaming laptops 2Why This:

    • Very powerful for this price point.
    • The design is super flashy.

    I love this laptop. For this kind of price point, it’s actually a miracle that you get something this good.

    It has a GTX 1060 graphics card, a 7th generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 256GB of SSD, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and an IPS screen of 1920×1080 resolution.

    These stats are extremely impressive, considering how cheap it is. There aren’t many inexpensive laptops out there that can play VR, but I was pleasantly surprised how much it packs.

    It is VR-Ready, and you can play any game out there. You might feel some lag spikes in certain VR scenes, but that is a small price to pay. Even you feel like you want to get more FPS performance, you can always crank down the graphics settings. In most games, it won’t be needed though.

    The cooling system is also quite good. It’s actually super quiet when it’s not under load. But if you are going to play Oculus Rift games, they are a bit louder. It’s not really an issue because it’s almost the same as a desktop PC in terms of loudness, even less than that.

    What concerned me in the beginning was its temperatures though, as they had some spikes that got the CPU to a bit higher than I expected while heavy-gaming, but upon doing some research I found out they have a good application called CoolSense in PredatorSense tab that makes fans work a little bit louder but reduces the temperatures significantly.

    In any way, it’s an extremely amazing laptop that gives more than you would usually get for the price. At this price range, you usually get a GTX 1050ti that is barely sufficient for VR, 8GB of RAM, and sometimes a storage without SSD (as Windows 10 is installed on SSD, your applications will be super fast on this computer compared to HDD). The display itself is an ISP, but not the best one. Unless you are a graphics designer that needs a top of the notch colors, you won’t be disappointed with it. However, that might be one of the reasons this minicomputer is so cheap.

    If we talk about design, then this topic is subjective. Some like it, some don’t. It has a textured metal frame that feels super nice and looks awesome, but the design is something that is appealing for some, and for some, it’s not.

    Personally, I really like it, a lot.

    Coupled with the truly unbelievable power and extremely low price, it gets a number one recommendation from me out of all the laptops.

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    Dell i7577-5241BLK-PUS Inspiron Gaming Laptop

    best oculus rift gaming laptops 3

    Why This: 

    • Extremely cheap.
    • Subtle Design.

    Was the previous one a bit over the budget? Don’t worry, there is another one that has capabilities to please Oculus Rift power requirements.

    You might ask then, what is the difference?

    Well, apart from having less RAM (from 16GB to 8GB) and weaker CPU (from i7 to i5), it is actually a really good VR-Ready notebook that has something to offer on its own.

    Unlike the previous Helios 300, it actually has more storage room. The SSD is smaller (128GB instead of 256GB) but it also comes with 1TB of HDD. Helios can be upgraded, as can this one, but it’s nice when it’s already installed and you don’t have to do anything.

    It also has 4 USB 3.0 slots and an HDMI 2.0 so you won’t have to buy any Hubs for Oculus Rift connection ports.

    Just like with Helios, it comes with GTX 1060 with 6GB DDR5. Luckily it’s not a 3GB version so you’ll have enough memory to not get any lag spikes.

    All in all, it’s a very decent laptop. It’s also a bit more modest looking compared to Helios 300, so if you like a style that is subtle and doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME”, it’s a perfect budget VR laptop for you.

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    Eluktronics N870HP6 Pro-X Gaming Laptop

    best oculus rift gaming laptops 4

    Why This:

    • Superior and vibrant IPS display.
    • Customizable RGB keyboard.
    • Brightness strong for outdoor VR usage.

    This is the most expensive one out of the budget Oculus Rift notebook options. Is the extra money worth it?


    If we compare it to Helios 300 again, it has some good points that can win you over. First of all, this Eluktronics laptop has a superior IPS display that is really beautiful in terms of color, and the brightness is so good that you can even use it outdoors. That may be useful if you plan to use Oculus Rift outside for showcasing or something similar.

    Movie watching will be very pleasing to your eyes, so it’s a good laptop all around. The battery life is a bit better than on Helios, and it has a better 720p camera. The camera isn’t really a big deal, but it can be useful if you need to talk to someone over the skype or do some work business.

    It also has a nice backlit keyboard that is not limited to only red like Helios. You can customize it to whatever color you want.

    All things considered, it’s a nice laptop. If you want to tone down some of the specs like RAM or SSD amount, or the screen size, you can do so at the following link:

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    $1,300-1,600 Price Range

    Eluktronics Pro-X P950HR VR Ready Gaming Laptop

    best oculus rift gaming laptops 5

    Why This:

    • Very thin and light.
    • Stronger GPU.

    Do you want to buy a monster under a disguise?

    This one is crazy. It looks like a regular thin and light laptop, but it actually has a GTX 1070, i7 7700HQ CPU, 256GB of SSD + 1TB of HDD, 16GB of RAM.

    The craziest part is that it’s only 4.9lbs in weight and 0.76″ of thickness. If you want to blend in with all the other laptops while at the same time be more powerful without spending too much money, this is the laptop to go with.

    It really has a good construction and a customization in terms of the keyboard that not many have. RGB lighting is always a welcome sight, especially if you grow tired of a specific color.

    But the strongest part of this notebook is that it packs a GTX 1070 graphics card. 1060 one, that is in previous recommendations, isn’t bad, but they aren’t as futureproof as this one. From my personal experience, with 1070, you can play almost any VR game on high-quality settings, and not worry about frames.

    The CPU and the RAM amount that this portable personal computer has, is sufficient for heavy multitasking, whether you are playing games, editing videos, or doing some heavy designer tasks. It can withstand it all, and not even lag once.

    Definitely check it out:

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    ASUS ROG GL702VS 17.3″ Ultra Thin and Light Laptop

    Why This:

    • Has G-SYNC.
    • Has USB 3.1 Type C.
    • Stronger GPU.

    This one has been chosen due to its raw power, lightness, and G-SYNC display.

    G-SYNC lets you play regular games without any screen tearing or display stutter. It’s a really good feature that I’ve been using on my desktop computer, and all the games look really silky smooth. The fact that it’s a 75Hz monitor instead of standard 60Hz makes it a good gaming laptop.

    It has 1 HDMI 2.0 Port and 1 USB 3.1 Type C port. For room-scale Oculus Rift tracking you will need more ports, so I recommend you to buy this USB Hub that lets you connect more USB cables.

    Chech out this video for it:

    Although it might be inconvenient, that kind of USB port is actually really powerful and can transfer files with a speed of 10GB per second. That is nuts.

    However, the biggest reason I chose this notebook is, of course, its GPU. GTX 1070 is a beast and considering that a few years ago you only had mobile GPU’s inside, it’s crazy that such power is now available on laptops. GTX 1070 is really good graphics card that can play almost all VR games in high settings.

    best oculus rift gaming laptops 1It’s also fairly light and thin. Just under an inch and a bit over 6lbs makes it a great portable laptop. I kinda find it funny that they advertise it as a notebook that weighs under 6lbs but just next to that is an image with 6.4lbs typed into it… I don’t know what goes on with that, but it’s a great laptop for VR nonetheless!

    See it here:

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    Acer Predator 17 Gaming Laptop

    best oculus rift gaming laptops 7

    Why This:

    • Higher Refresh Rate.
    • Good cooling.
    • Enough ports for VR on the go.

    Just like with the previous laptop, it also comes with G-SYNC and 75Hz display, but the difference is, it packs even more power.

    Unlike Asus Rog, it comes with 16GB of RAM and more SSD storage. It also has better cooling.

    It has to sacrifice somewhere and it’s in its portability. It is almost 10lbs in weight and 1.56 inches in thickness. It may not be a problem for most, but if you plan to travel a lot with it, it may become cumbersome.

    Unlike the Helios 300, my number 1 recommendation for budget laptops, it has an RGB lighting on the keyboard that can even be programmed to light certain keys.

    If you like the flashy look and raw power that just emanates from it, I think this laptop might be for you. You won’t have to buy USB hubs for Oculus Rift stuff as it already has 4 USB3 ports on the sides, 1 USB-C Thunderbolt, and HDMI 2.0.

    Buy it here:

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    ASUS ROG STRIX Gaming Laptop

    best oculus rift gaming laptops 8

    Why This:

    • Strongest GPU.
    • 120Hz Panel.

    Now, this is the best of all the laptops. If you want to get god-tier VR gaming, you got it.

    There aren’t many laptops that can handle GTX 1080 8GB due a to a variety of reasons, but this one managed to do it.

    GTX 1080 can play any VR, or regular games, on ultra settings, and to take advantage of these extra frames it can pull off, it comes with a 120Hz panel. Without that panel, you’d be stuck on standard 60 or 75 Hertz.

    But, if you are only interested in VR games, then this one has your back. You won’t be bottlenecked by anything in your system because simply there aren’t any VR games that can get this laptop over the edge (unless the game is poorly optimized).

    It has 1x HDMI, 1x mini DisplayPort, SD Card Reader, 3x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 Type C ports, which means it is fully compatible with Oculus Rift and no additional things are needed.

    16GB DDR4 RAM will ensure that multitasking will be on point. Want to check the weather on Chrome while doing some heavy gaming? No problem, just alt-tab and it won’t even lose a frame.

    It’s also a bit lighter and smaller thinner compared to the previous laptop, so if you want a decent portability with extreme power packed, this one is perfect.

    You can find more information here:

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    GIGABYTE Aero 15X v8-BK4 15″ Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop

    best oculus rift gaming laptops 9

    Why This:

    • Strongest Specs.
    • Newest CPU.
    • Incredibly Light and Thin.
    • 144Hz Panel and IPS Display.

    Do you want everything in one package?

    You got it.

    This laptop is simply amazing. Not only does is it a beast inside, it has things that are simply unheard of.

    First of all, the CPU. It packs with an 8th generation Intel processor that is 30% to 50% more efficient compared to i7 7700HQ. Considering that 7700HQ is already a great chip, this one is mind-blowingly amazing. They increased the number of cores on both 15W and 45W chips, so because of that, it can push out an incredible amount of power.

    In the beginning, you might not harness the full power of this laptop, but over time when VR developers start to utilize more cores, it becomes really amazing.

    The second thing I am amazed by is the screen. It is 144Hz AND an IPS panel. Usually, if you get a high refresh rate display, you only get a TN panel. TN panel cannot give out good colors, everything just seems washed out. But this laptop has 144Hz and an IPS panel… sorry for repeating myself, I am just amazed by it.

    This laptop’s screen looks really vivid in terms of color and is refreshed 144 times per second, so you will feel every frame of your games. Luckily, 1070 can push it to the limit. I might not be as useful for Oculus Rift gaming, but it ‘s a nice thing to have if you plan to use this laptop for other tasks.

    The last amazing thing is that its battery life is good. It supports Optimus Technology (yeah, I know) that extends your battery life from 4-5 hours to 9-10 hours. However, this technology isn’t good for VR gaming. You will either get a black screen or the fps is horrendous. Luckily, 10 series GPU’s can turn off the Optimus Technology, so that means you will be able to play VR games, and if you don’t play them, your battery life will be doubled.

    A really fantastic Oculus Rift gaming laptop in my opinion.

    Check it here:

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