Best Oculus Rift Skyrim Setup You Will Find!



VR Oculus Rift Setup Guide For Skyrim – Vireio

1. Download Vireio Perception 2.1.0

For some reason 2.1.0 version works best with Skyrim.

oculus rift skyrim


2. Extract Vireio zip file.


3. Open Skyrim.

Make sure resolution is 1920×1080. Here it’s also advisable to make a character before going into VR mode.


4. Close Skyrim and find skyrimprefs.ini file

It is located in you Skyrim folder.


5. Open skyrimprefs.ini.

Make sure it is not “read only”. if it is, right-click on it and uncheck “read only”.


6. Press “ctrl F”, find and change the following things:

In search tab, type in ” fShadowDistance= “. Make sure it is ” 0.0000 ”

type in ” fInteriorShadowDistance= “. Make sure it is ” 0.0000 ”

type in ” fShadowLODStartFade= “. Make sure it is ” 0.0000 ”

bDeferredShadows=0 (add this line if you don’t see it)


7. Open “bin” in vireio folder and copy .dll files.

There are 4 “dll” files. Copy paste them into Skyrim folder.


8. Make sure your Rift is in “Extended Mode“.

oculus rift gta 5


9. Open Vireio.

You can leave the program working in the background.


10. Open Skyrim again.

Also put on your Oculus Rift.


11. Configure Vireio.

Now look straight while being relaxed and press f12.


12. Click ctrl Q.

In World Scale Calibration have it like this:

oculus rift skyrim (3)


In Convergence adjustment have it like this:

oculus rift skyrim (4)


How it should look:

Credit to ImmersiveGamer83


Congratulations!! You finished the setup guide. If you run into any problems or have something to add, feel free to comment below. Big thanks to ImmersiveGamer83, vorpX forum, Oculus Forum, Reddit, and to CsmicPerspective.

And remember, if you feel like changing something, don’t be afraid to do so. You can always change back if you want to. Take this article as a starting point.


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