Best Oculus Rift Steering Wheel Combos For Your Budget!

Thinking of getting yourself an Oculus Rift steering wheel? I think it’s one of the better additions to virtual reality, after getting yourself those glorious Touch controllers.

Why is steering wheel a good investment for VR gaming? Because I truly think, racing games are from this moment forever intertwined with virtual reality headsets.

Yes, you can play racing games without them, but the best experience comes with VR headsets. Not only do you feel more immersed, your racing lap time results may as well be improved.

Want to feel even more immersion? Buy a steering wheel, aka. racing wheel for Oculus Rift.

Update: Most of these steering wheel work with HTC Vive also!

But not all of them are that great. You need to sort through all sorts of garbage before you find a good quality steering wheel, that not only feels precise, but manages to feel great for long usage. For that, material has to be great.

So, here is my top picks for every price range here on internet.

Top Steering Wheels for Oculus Rift

Best steering wheel with around $100-200 budget
oculus rift steering wheel thrustmasterThrustmaster VG T150

Even though it’s the cheapest one on the list, I wouldn’t recommend you a wheel without force feedback. Force feedback allows you to feel every rumble on the road by making the wheel vibrate or respond in certain way. It enhances the experience by a lot, and this wheel has this feature. Although not every feedback should be translated to the wheel (on seats also), I do think it a must for wheels.

The wheel itself feels good, and won’t start slipping due to good rubber material. You can rotate the wheel to 1080 degrees if you set it up the right way, and it feels quite precise for such a low price.

But due to such low cost, there has to be some sacrifices. In my opinion, the pedals themselves are not the best, and do not simulate a real pedal. There are some workarounds to this, as I have read around Amazon reviews.

Check out this one.

Buy Thrustmaster VG T150 on Amazon.

Best steering wheel with around $300 budget
oculus rift steering wheel thrustmasterThrustmaster VG T300RS

Super smooth racing wheel, with an improved force feedback. It has a really strong motor, simulating a real life driving to absolute perfection.

The material itself on the wheel feels great, and for the money, it’s one of the best wheels on the market. Does this one have any downsides?

Well, you do have to buy an additional shifter, if you want to get the full experience, since this one does not include one. Also, I think you might want to try the pedal mod trick, since they also feel too light and have no progressive breaks.

Other than that, it’s a great steering wheel that should be considered if you don’t want to spend too much cash, while at the same time get great experience with a wheel set and Rift.

Buy Thrustmaster VG T300RS on Amazon.

Best steering wheel with around $400 budget
oculus rift steering wheel g27Logitech G27

Old but gold. It’s one of the most popular steering wheels one has ever seen. And it’s for a reason. It’s extremely good.

Logitech G27 has a full set of race-ready tech inside of it, including a good shifter. It has dual motors for force feedback, and a leather grip around the rim to give you a solid feel outside the game, and inside the game.

For example, if you floor pedals to the ground, your wheel will give you that exact rumble feeling you get in real cars. Of course, a lot of the feedback options depend on developers, and how much they set their game up for the wheel, but if the game is as good as most racing games are, you are in for the treat.

Unlike pedals on other steering wheel sets, this one has a nice feel to it. There is a reason it has 4.5 stars out of 5 in Amazon reviews, with over 1,500 customers reviewing it. It’s just simply the best, no matter the age.

It’s also one of the few that has a lot of test videos of it with Oculus Rift. ↑ ImmersiveGamer83 on G27 and DK2.

Buy Logitech G27 on Amazon.

(price may jump up if they are low on stock. In that case, see if there are used ones to save money).

Racing Games, Oculus Rift, and Additional Immersion Enhancers

Steering wheels have always been a huge part of racing games. People who are seriously into it, usually buy a lot of monitors to increase field of view.

But now that Oculus Rift is out, I can safely say it’s a triple-monitor setup killer. It’s not just my personal opinion. VR enhances experience to such degree that they just can’t go back to regular monitor due to it looking “fake”, even though graphically they might be superior.

But playing with keyboard or gamepad is only good to certain degree. If you want the full experience, then going with a dedicated racing wheel has to be on your mind.

And that is not only coming from immersion point of view. It has been reported that Rift gives you a better lap time, and if it’s coupled with a steering wheel, you are fine and ready for best racing experience.

Of course, you can also go with a dedicated seat if you want a complete racing setup. For example, for G27 steering wheel there is a good cockpit made by OpenWheeler. Very comfortable, firm, and easy to setup for your personal preference.

But if you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on a complete setup, going without a seat is no problem. But, steering wheel for Oculus Rift is a must. I also use G27, and when I combine wheel with the Rift, it’s a combo that is hard to be countered by anything else. No way will I go back to peasant keyboard  and monitor setup when I have something as awesome as this on my table.

Choose your own budget and go get one. Trust me, it’s worth it.