Brothers Made a Custom VR Cockpit Rig – Here is How it Looks!

After all these years I’ve seen quite a lot of random creations that help you enhance your VR experience.

This one is quite unique.

3 brothers worked on this motion simulator that lets you experience VR flight simulators through a real VR Cockpit Rig. Their motivation to make one is based on the fact that the ones already on the market are too limited.

As brothers said on their official website, which they made recently, RotoVR is too limited in terms of rotation as it’s only able to spin around 1 axis. Talon simulation is too expensive and not really a great match for VR, and the Feel Free motion sim has a good direction but is also limited to only rotating, just like DK1 was back in the days.

Check out what my brothers and I made!

That’s why they decided to create a custom motion sim called “VRC” (Virtual Cockpit). It will be:

* 6-DOF (three rotation axis, three translation axis)

* Affordable (we are reaching out to them to get the price range)

* VR friendly (that many motion sims lack today)

This is how they want their motion rig to look like:Release date is unknown yet. More information coming as soon as we reach out to them!

EDIT: They told us they plan to release it somewhere next year.

You can also check them out on their website to be up to date.

Here is their early prototype testing:

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