Catlateral Damage on the Oculus Rift – About – Trailer


Genre: Simulation game


Maker: Chris Chung

Release date: Beta Version Available (august 2013), Full Version TBD

Download Page: HERE

Game Support: Windows, Mac, Linux


About Catlateral Damage


You are a cat.

As you already noticed we live in a cat era where they rule the world. Cat pictures, cat videos everywhere. They usually sleep eat, play around, or break everything around you.

The last is exactly what this game focuses on: breaking things. Goal of this game is to brake as many things as you can within a set period of time. The more things you break the more the score is going to be. Game itself has a high score so it is pretty easy to get hooked up to the game.

Game has received quite positive reviews from various critics.


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Trailer of Catlateral Damage

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