CRAZY: 11.52% of 2,656,235 Resident Evil 7 Users Played it Through VR

Resident Evil 7, one of the most successful horror games out there, proved people that VR can truly be popular if the right game is available.

Playstation is currently the only platform that supports an official VR game version of Resident Evil 7. Although there are some other ways to play RE: 7 on Rift and Vive, they are not the perfect representation of the power of Resident Evil in VR games due to limited access to game scripts.

11.52% of 2,656,235 is over 300,000. That’s how many users have played one game with Playstation VR. Considering how young the VR market is, this kind of number is more than impressive. It shows that if the game is done right, and the hardware is properly introduced, developers of VR games truly have a chance to be successful in the VR market. If more developers come to VR side, more games are going to be released, and that means more games for us. Once the VR population is huge, developers can join together to create bigger studios, and that in turn will mean that these small indie game devs will have enough experience to create even better VR experience for us, users.

If Vive and Rift should take notes from someone, it’s from Playstation. Not in terms of how their games are made, but how they know their market. Price is cheap and hardware is comfortable.

If you’d like to see more Resident Evil 7 stats, check out this page.

Resident Evil 7 gameplay with PS VR:


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