Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning on the Oculus Rift – About – Gameplay

Genre: Stealth, Action RPG, First Person Adventure
Maker: Cypress Inheritance
Release date: End of 2014
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: DK2

About Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning


Cypress Inheritance is divided into 3 chapters. Every chapter adds to the story so you can discover more and more and also continue the story.

You play as girl named Lorna who has discovered that she inherited the estate from his grandfather. To find out what happened to his grandfather, she goes to an epic journey to find clues. What makes it difficult is that grandfather was a tech genius, and when he disappeared, his AI programs became more self-aware and protective of his belongings.

By using strategic plans, stealth, and patience, you must overcome this difficulties while being thrown into the quest of finding his grandfather.

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning reviews are quite appealing for an indie developer game. They are praising the visuals and soundtrack, but are not happy with the optimization.


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Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning Gameplay






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