VR daily tip - use a fan

Daily VR Tip: Use a Fan for Easy Orientation

Don’t tell me you’ve never accidentally lost yourself in VR, thinking that the wall is on one side, whereas in reality, it’s somewhere else.

I’ve knocked things or bumped my hand on random stuff numerous times, and although I’ve luckily never broken anything myself, I know for a fact that not everyone is as lucky as me.

That is where this VR tip helps out the most.

Place the fan right in front of your VR play area

That accomplishes many things.

  1. You get to orient yourself a lot easier which in turn helps you not to bump into things.
  2. You get a nice breeze of fresh air that’s most welcoming when the headset turns hot.
  3. It’s a natural anti-fog for the lenses when the air comes through the nose area. Just keep the fan low while directed up and reap the benefits.
  4. Using fans is one of the techniques that I’ve included in my VR motion sickness article, as it really helps to battle headaches and nausea.
    Many have recommended it to me, and I’ve usually felt better with a fan myself when the games are full of movement.

What do you guys think? Leave your opinions down in the comments.

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