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Genre: Space combat simulator, Multiplayer
Website: http://www.darkfield-alpha.com/
Maker: DarkField VR
Release date: TBD
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, DK1, DK2



About DarkField VR


The story of a DarkField VR is not yet determined, but you may keep up with it on their official website under “The Game” section of the menu.

You are part of an elite group, who has to do the dirty work of the military officers behind enemy lines. Your job is to destroy space stations which are heavily guarded by enemy fighters and by a “shield”. In order to prevail, you have to destroy the shield before sending nuclear missiles towards the space station.

You can choose 4 different fighter pilots to do the job, but if you find it difficult or if you just want to play with friends, you have the ability to be in a CO-OP mode to ease up your experience.

In multiplayer you’ll have 6 different ships from heavy hitters to fast, easy-to-fly combat ships. Depending on your role, you can also escort civilian fleets to safety.

Reviews of Darkfield VR are for the most part quite positive, praising it’s gameplay, but suggesting some adjustments to AI (Good full review on VirtualRealityReviewer)


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DarkField VR Gameplay

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