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Genre: Survival Horror
Maker: Zombie Studios
Release date: 2014 Q1
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, DK1, DK2


About Daylight


Premise of the game is you woke up in a hospital, and there is no light source other than your phone for illumination. Your goal is to escape the place, but as you move along the story, you reveal the dark past it place had, and still has.

Each time you play it, the map is able to generate new and a different world (or map) for you to play, but the horrifying nature of the game should stay the same.

Daylight reviews were mixed. On the positive node they managed to create this eery environment which is absolutely necessary for this kind of game, but they downvoted daylight a lot due to lack of directions this game has. It needs more things-to-do, or else you’ll be wondering around aimlessly, and because of that, the game experience may suffer (IGN)


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Daylight Gameplay

Credit to Markiplier
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