DayZ Standalone on Oculus Rift


Genre: FPS, Survival Horror
Maker: Bohemia Interactive
Release date: TBD
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, DK1, DK2



About DayZ Standalone


You are in a Zombie Apocalypse, and your main goal is to survive. While being equipped with only simple clothes in the beginning, you have to search this big area , which can be over 100 km in radius.

As you progress in the game, you’ll find supplies that help you to be in a better situation than your competitors. There is a wide variety of melee weapons, as well as good amount of ranged weapons, although they are much harder to find.

The game tries to be as “real-lifed” as possible, so you have to be extra cautious what you drink, eat, and where you wonder.

Dayz Standalone Reviews are very good, especially praising its hardness, and a challenge you may face. On the other hand this game is in “alpha mode” for years already, and this game still has more bugs than in a farmers front yard.


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DayZ Standalone Gameplay