Doorways on the Oculus Rift – About – Gameplay


Genre: Survival Horror
Maker: Saibot Studios
Release date: Feb 2015
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Mac, Linux, DK1, DK2



About Doorways

Doorways is a survival horror game, where your goal is to survive and find out what happened to you. As you have no idea what is going on, you must brace the unknown, and keep moving forward.

The game environment is dark, eery, and in order to succeed, you must not do right choices and avoid traps.

Doorways Reviews were quite mixed. As critics have praised the scary atmosphere, it has failed to finish the job in scaring you. (good full review at VirtualRealityReviewer)


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Doorways Gameplay

Gameplay of jacksepticeye

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