Elite: Dangerous to Add HTC Vive Support, Oculus Rift Still Problematic

Elite: Dangerous developers have released news about their upcoming expansion called ‘Horizons Beta’, and what we should expect as 30th November comes closer.

Here is what E:D Community Manger Edward Lewis said:

“We’re also continuing to further improve the VR experience. HTC Vive and Steam VR support will be added to both the 1.5 and Horizons Beta as well as various bug fixes and tweaks. We’re continuing to work with Oculus, and will let you know as soon as there is any conclusion.”

Elite: Dangerous has been considered as one of the most played Rift games out there for many people. And for a good reason. You can play it for hours without getting sick, and at the same time enjoy its environment in 3D. Never have I ever seen such a good feedback from a game that isn’t made entirely for VR.elite dangerousHowever, there have been some problems with E:D’s compatibility with Oculus’ latest firmware versions. To play Elite: Dangerous, you had to downgrade your Runtime to 0.5, and after finishing your session, switch back to the latest one. Even though it can be done with a program, it is extremely time-consuming and uncomfortable.

Update* Apparently, as mentioned in the comments, it can be done quite easily. Follow the link above.

Users have been quite angry with the game developers for not fixing it sooner. We don’t know when Rift support will be fixed, but as devs are saying, it is being worked on.

HTC Vive is getting more and more support from various games, and now Elite: Dangerous has joined the club. Even though most of us don’t own HTC Vive yet, it is a superb hardware that is easily up to task with whatever devs throw at it.

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