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Genre: Vehicle Simulation Game
Maker: SCS Software
Release date: 2013
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Linux, Oculus Rift (DK1, DK2) Support



About Euro Truck Simulator 2


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a real life vehicle simulation game, where your job is to deliver the cargo to its destination all over the Europe. As you progress in the game, your business will also expand, and you will be able to hire more workers, and get more profit.

This game is not violent in any way, and there is no racing. It puts your endurance, driving skills and your knowledge of traffic rules to testing, as you are going to be behind the wheel for a long long time.

You are also able to customize your vehicle not only by increasing the performance of the truck, but also changing cosmetics and visuals of your vehicle.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 reviews are very good, approving its awesome level of detail, simplicity, of overall beauty of the game. One thing that could be better or improved, as was mentioned by a lot of users, is the performance (bad fps and stuttering) of the game itself.


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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gameplay on Oculus Rift


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  1. Just FYI, you don’t have positional tracking because you’re using a DK1. Use a DK2 and the game almost guaranteed supports it already (part of the SDK).

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