Gear VR in Stock Again For a Short Time

Last time I published this kind of post, I did not expect it to end as fast. As soon as I published it few weeks ago, it was immediately “Not Available to Buy” in most merch sites.

Now, however, it seems as though Gear VR (click for review) is back in stock in Amazon, and in Best Buy. Right now, if you are fast enough, you can buy it now, and get it before Christmas. Amazon shows you exactly when you should do it, so that you aware of those shipping times.

When purchasing Gear VR, you do have to have a proper Galaxy phone. If you don’t have one, here is an article about Gear VR phone advantages and disadvantages.Not Sure Which Galaxy Phone to Buy For Gear VR?

Gear VR could be considered as one of the best mobile VR devices, and no competition has got even close to it. Latest updates have added Samsung Internet option to your VR headset, allowing you to watch Youtube 360 content without needing to download some extra 3rd party programs.

If you decide to buy it now, it will be with you before Christmas. Buy it later, and you might be waiting for the “Sold Out Temporarily” message to end.


As I was writing, Amazon changed their delivery time to “After Christmas”, with Gear VR still being in stock. You can check it out here:

Buy on Amazon.

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