Gear VR Will Be Restocked on November 30th

Gear VR has been sold out from almost day one, leaving users to wait for a restock. We’ve been seeing this for over a week now:

gear vr sold out

gear vr sold out 2



However, according to Samsung Customer Support:

“Back-ordered Gear VR will be restocked on November 30th. Expect either a shipping notification or another back-order notification depending on when you ordered.”

So expect the shipping to start tomorrow, with expected package delivery notification somewhere around tuesday/wednesday.

It is actually quite amazing how well Gear VR has sold, desipite it being bound to only the newest Samsung phones. I even got curious enough to ask Samsung and Oculus as to how many have they already sold within a week. Sadly they could not tell us the exact number.

According to 2015 Digital Index Online Shopping data, month November has been crazy in terms of sells, reaching almost $27 billion, and half of it is from mobile devices (with Gear VR being one of the top sellers). That really shows the popularity Gear VR can achieve.

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