Good-Looking Oculus Rift Game Available Now – Shadows of Isolation

Genre: Experience, Exploration

Maker: Future Colossal
Release date: 03/31/2015
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Oculus Rift DK2, Game Controller
Oculus Share Rating: 4.5 / 5



About Shadows of Isolation

Shadows of Isolation is an interesting game with a cool concept behind it. The main character, whoever you are, will be jumping from location to location, witnessing different scenarios of life. In some environments you will be able to move, in some you are just a witness, other times you just pass through as things happen around you.

You start in a block where you have to look at some spheres on each side of the walls. By doing so you’ll unlock a passage to the tunnel (Divergent style). By looking back you will fall into space, which awfully reminded me of interstellars worm hole. But this time, you will be slowly progressing towards a little tiny planet that is centered in front of you. As you land on that habitable piece of land, a beautiful scenery opens to you. If you move further ahead, the environment will change, and you can experience winter, autumn, summer, day and night.

oculus rift shadows of isolation

This little globe was like a Little Big Planet. It’s round, and colors are extremely vibrant and everything around you is beautiful. As I moved towards the lightning, I noticed that water levels were rising. I was searching for a higher location, but still managed to drown myself (as I stubbornly moved towards the flood). In water, however, there is a whole other world. Seaweeds will be around you, fish swim in your face (literally, don’t know why), and whales will be passing by you, making the same noises as Dory from “Finding Nemo”.

Although the game itself is quite short, it delivers quite an awesome experience. On top of all that, you will see a sneak peek to future content. Surprisingly enough, it will last almost as long as the main game itself, and is as interesting also. You are going to be playing as a mouse watching people pass by, seeing elephants rushing towards you, parachute jumping into a location that truly reminds me of Sin City, and much more.

oculus rift shadows of isolation

Throughout all this I had quite a stable FPS, so no there were no problems with scene changes. The game ends smoothly followed by a heavy breathing during the end credits, which was like an Adr1ft trailer all over again.

Shadows of Isolation received high ratings, and rightfully so. It is an abstract, beautiful and a vibrant game which leaves you wanting more.


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Shadow of Isolation Trailer

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