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Genre: FPS
Maker: BlackFoot Studios
Release date: To Be Determined
Download Page: Not Out
Game Support: PC, Oculus Rift Support (which is known at least)



About Ground Branch

Ground Branch is a self-funded FPS indie game which is still in the development mode.

The game tries to take a route of punishment. Meaning each action you take, will seriously impact your game. If you happen to die once, choose a wrong gear, or your game-plan is bad, it will hinder the rest of your experience in Ground Branch.

There is a multiplayer, where you will be facing off an equally matched and geared enemies. No one will have the gear advantage over another, apart from the individual skills that each player possesses.

2nd Pic

Weapons themselves are fully customizable,and every weapon will have its own reload animation. As the game tries to be very realistic in full measure, animations, customizations, and weapon representations are portrayed as accurate to the real world as possible.

Ground Branch reviews do not exist yet, as the game is not downloadable at this current moment.


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Ground Branch Gameplay on the Oculus Rift


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