Guide: Update Oculus Rift S Drivers – Download – Fix Errors

In this article, I am going to teach you how to update Oculus Rift S Drivers, download them from the right source, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.


Let’s start with Oculus Rift S Drivers Download

If you used a Rift device before that, you probably have Oculus Rift Setup software installed. If you don’t have it:

  1. Go to rift s drivers download 1
  2. Find Oculus Rift S version.oculus rift s drivers download 2
  3. Run the Setup.oculus rift s drivers download 3


Do the Oculus Rift S Drivers Update

The Oculus software will update the drivers themselves through the Oculus App. You don’t have to download each update patch separately.

In case you have old software app drivers, it will show up in red above the header:

oculus rift s drivers update page

Update it.

Once you’ve done it, go to:

  1. Devices →
  2. Scroll down to “Add Headset” →
  3. Choose “Oculus Rift S” →
  4. Connect your Rift S to your computer (if it wasn’t) →
  5. It should flash in green if done correctly.
  6. Update Firmware (The headset itself) →
  7. If controllers are without battery, insert batteries →
  8. Wait for controller pairing →
  9. Update controllers firmware →
  10. ???
  11. Reap profits.


Oculus Rift Drivers Troubleshooting

As with all the hardware, there are problems that may arise. Do not worry.

The problem lies with the software at least 95% of the time.

Before doing anything, let’s make sure that you do not have any missing files within your Oculus folder.

oculus rift s drivers issue can't reach oculus service

Problem: For example, you might get an error: “Can’t reach Oculus Service” or “Can’t reach Oculus Runtime Service”.


  1. Go to the Rift Patch page.
  2. Download the file.
  3. Run it and click on Repair.

After the repair, you will need to update your drivers again. Just follow the instructions above for that.


Problem:  “Sorry, we could not update Oculus Rift S”

Solution: If the ‘repair’ function didn’t work, disable your antivirus for the Oculus app.

Also, I am not sure what Windows version you run, but Windows 7 has many problems that haven’t been fixed.

Windows 10 is the way.

If you have Windows 10, you don’t really need an antivirus as their default protection is adequate. Make sure that your Windows is also updated, as Oculus developers often update their software with Windows 10 updates.


Problem: “My Oculus Rift S is failing to update”

Solution: Check to make sure you have enough space to download. According to Oculus, you need at least 9GB of free space.

If you don’t have space and you don’t want to remove other games or movies, just use a Disk Cleanup that is with Windows 10 by default. Don’t download anything.

For my computer, it already deleted 5GB of worthless files (temporary, files I didn’t use, etc).


Problem: “Other Oculus Rift related Driver issue”

Solution: If every single thing related to Oculus is up to date, and you still get driver issues, chances are that your other applications are out of date.

Check your GPU drivers.

oculus rift s drivers issues can be fixed ith nvidia gpu updates

Check your USB Drivers.

oculus rift s drivers issues can be fixed with amd updates

USB drivers are the ones that allow your computer to connect with VR devices.

If there is an issue, it’s usually related to the connection.

If you use ASUS products, click here.

If you use INTEL product, click here.

If you found a fix to your problem, share this article with others! It helps them and me as well.

If you didn’t find a solution, comment on the issue down below. I would also advise contacting Oculus support for a ticket for more personalized help.

Oculus Rift drivers should always be download automatically, and if that is not the solution, it’s the software issue. For example, there is an Oculus Rift orange light/black screen issue. That can usually be fixed with updates.

Hardware is rarely in the wrong. Unless you are very unlucky.

Anyhow, share it down in the comments!