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Has Oculus Quest Release Date Been Pushed Back?

Oculus Quest release date has always been “Spring 2019”.

My most recent speculation was that it comes out in F8 conference, which starts on April 30th. That was fueled by the fact that Oculus Go was released exactly at that date in that conference.

Now, Oculus Rift S is what created all the buzz. In my personal opinion, it is a bit odd that they announced two headsets, and that they have the same release date.

Want to see something even more mysterious?

When you go to the official Oculus page for Quest, and scroll down to the bottom, it doesn’t say it comes out in Spring 2019 anymore. Instead, it just states “Coming in 2019”, without any extra information.

There is also another, less obvious, sign that something is off. In the GDC, there have been demos of Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. Oculus Rift S already had products that looked like fully fleshed out “ready-to-ship” headsets, while Oculus Quest had a sign that said “Engineering Sample”.

Whether it actually shows how far off they are in production is unclear, but if one had to bet, I’d say that Rift S comes out sooner that Quest.

If the pushback of the date is really true, Rift S may come out in the upcoming PAX on March 28th, with Quest released in Oculus Connect 6 (somewhere in September 2019).

The reason I think Rift S comes out very soon is that you can’t even buy the original Rift on their official site.

That may be due to them transitioning to Rift S. You can still purchase Rift CV1 on 3rd party retailers like Amazon or Best Buy, but the fact that their own website stopped selling OG Rifts can mean that they stopped the production of them for good.

If the Quest launch date isn’t accurate, then it could be that Quest still comes out in F8 on April 30th, and Rift S on PAX in a week.

After all, it’s all a theory and we don’t really know how it all turns out. The PAX is just around the corner, so we’ll see what’s what.


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