Heavy Gear Assault on the Oculus Rift – About – Gameplay

Genre: FPS, Mecha
Maker: MekTek Studios
Release date: To Be Determined (Alpha Access Available Until January 31, 2015)
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Mac and Linux, Oculus Rift Support



About Heavy Gear Assault

Heavy Gear Assault is a first person shooter with both, singleplayer and multiplayer options available. It is quite similar game to Hawken in a way that it is a battle of the mechas, controlled by humans.

Little is known about this game, as it is still in the development mode. Heavy Gear Assault has been underground for quite some time after a failed kickstarter, where they didn’t get the amount of support they initially planned for. However, they have managed to rise from the ashes, and get the right people to support the development of Heavy Gear Assault by launching a successful (by 550% of its original goal) Heavy Gear Assault online store.

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The release of the Heavy Gear Assault is quite unusual. They will give their game to the public by releasing individual modules. That way they can get the feedback from the community when they try the previous modules, and take that information from people as the backbone for the next module.


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What makes me quite interested in this particular game is that they plan to focus on the multiplayer aspect quite a lot. Plan is to make this game as E-sports friendly as possible. Meaning there will be ranks, tools for good broadcasting options, and a variety of rewards for people who are on top of the killing chain.

On May 2013 they have decided to add Oculus Rift support.

Heavy Gear Assault reviews are not out yet.


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Heavy Gear Assault Gameplay/Trailer (no Oculus Rift footage available yet)

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