Here is How Painting in VR Looks!

If I’d guess how people back in 80’s would look at the future, then this is it.

A twitter user by the name of Floatharr released a video of him painting a cyberbunk styled cityscape. Upon tweeting it he garnered a lot of retweets which in turn made this clip below viral:

His painting technique is quite interesting because at this current moment it’s not the most widespread method to draw something. For VR, most are using programs like Tilt Brush that let you draw inside a virtual 3D space. Although as awesome as it looks and sounds, we are not as skilled in 3D painting yet, so drawing on a 2D desktop gives you the most accuracy.

However, what Floatharr did was bring this 2D desktop into virtual reality through a program called Oculus Desktop. Oculus Desktop lets you see whatever monitor shows, and project that view in front of you, just like you see in the video above where he uses a free Rift game ‘Aircar’ that produced such awesome scenery for us. He is also using a free digital painting program called ‘Krita’, and upon starting that application on desktop computer, you can see and paint in virtual reality.

Then you might ask, why wouldn’t you just paint regularly without adding VR into the mix? The thing with VR is, it lets you travel to whatever place you want. 3D modellers are creating new beautiful virtual landscapes every day, and one only needs to download that game or application to see the whole world in 1 to 1 scale. It’s literally like painting outside, only you don’t have to go outside.

Here is how the final result looks like:

If that is something you also want to try, you need to get yourself an Oculus Rift headset, a powerful enough VR PC, and also make sure that you have Windows 10 so it support Oculus Desktop program that is in Rift Core 2.0 by default.

May you paint a lot of happy little virtual trees!


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