oculus rift firmware update patch

How TO: Find Latest Oculus Rift Firmware Updates and Fix Errors.

Doing an Oculus Rift firmware update is essential, and I am here to tell you how you can see the latest patch, what has changed, how to update, and how can you fix the errors, should they arise.

How to Check the Patch?

One good place to check what has changed with the latest update is the official forum.

This place is good since you can see the feedback that other Rifters have. Some are posting their specs, some their issues, and the others are just there to meme their way to get a response from others.

How to Update Firmware For Your Oculus Rift?

  1. Open The Oculus App.
  2. Go to the left menu, and click on ‘Library’.
  3. Select the Updates Tab and check for updates.

Some of us are too lazy to update every time there is a new patch (like me), so you can make it automated in the settings.

How to Deal With Oculus Rift Firmware Update Errors?

Recently, there has been quite a big resurgence of firmware errors during updates, so if you have some issues, read below.

Some have been getting a ‘Firmware update required / No HDMI connection’ error.

For whatever reason, there might be many reasons for that.

The most common solution is:

  • Removing the facial foam/mask from the Rift and reconnecting the HDMI/USB cable on the left side from the lenses.

Here is a video where it shows how to do it:

Other tips that might help you are these:

  • Try switching the USB ports.
oculus rift firmware update usb connection

This one is also recommended by an official Oculus Support technician. USB controllers do like to mess around from time to time, so it could be that’s the issue.

USBs, depending on location, have different USB controllers. Connecting your sensor into the front-end of the computer could show you if the problem is in USB slots.

  • Use ‘Repair’ in the Oculus Installer.

Open the Oculus Setup Installer again, and this time click on ‘Repair’. Something might have happened during the first installation. By doing that it will double-check all the files it downloaded and installed and sees if there are any anomalies.

That’s always in my recommendations when I help with Oculus Rift stuff. Software is a difficult subject and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact thing, especially if you are not computer savvy or know the program well.

Oculus Support even reaches out to people themselves so they could help you directly. They go to forums, try to help, and even personally message people.

Final Words

Oculus Team has made many mistakes over the years, especially in the beginning with all the launch delays and pricing.

Oculus rift firmware update team

What you can’t take away from them is that they always take responsibility for their actions. Lately, there have been a lot of broken updates and people have been pissed off, but as time has shown, they have tried to fix it by being more transparent, more easily reachable, and even sometimes compensating us, users, by giving discounts to products.

If you have any problems with Oculus, give them a chance to help or fix it, as frustrating as it can be.

Please consider sharing, it helps us out A LOT!