HOW TO FIX: Oculus Rift Gets “No Device Attached”

Having trouble getting “No HMD Detected” or “No Device Attached” in your Oculus Rift Configuration Utility? There might be many possible reasons for it, so I’ll try to give you 8 different solutions that you can try.

Sadly there is no unique solution like “press this button and you are going to be ok”. For each person it can be absolutely different so I’ll give you a list of things you should experiment with. Once you go through all of them, it should be fixed.


Things to Try:

1) Update Your Oculus Rift Drivers

oculus rift

Seems pretty obvious and like a no-brainer, but a lot of people skip this step when first getting their HMD device. We can’t really say where it messes up with drivers in the first place but it can sometimes happen for different computers. If you don’t know how to update your Oculus Rift drivers/ firmware, click here.


2) Try Oculus Rift Extended Mode

oculus rift gta 5

For that you have to go to “Screen Resolution” by right clicking on desktop. When you are there, see if there is a Rift picture. After that move your desktop picture to the right side. For more details about the Oculus Rift extended mode, click here.


3) Check Your Cables

Just unplug and replug all your cables – USB and HDMI – to see if the connection is screwed. On Mac devices it is especially bad, so doing it might fix the “No device attached” problem.


4) Try a Different USB Port

oculus rift no device attached

Some USB ports may be faulty so plugging your USB into different slot might fix the problem. Also, check if you accidentally didn’t stick it into USB 3.0. Although it is a lot better than 2.0 and will even be required for Oculus Consumer Rift, DK2 is made for 2.0 slots, and there have been many reports of it not working correctly with 3.0.


5) Change Your HDMI or USB Cable

oculus rift no device attached (2)

If you have an extra HDMI or USB cable lying around, see if it’s a reason for this malfunction. If you don’t have another cable, use this solution after you’ve tried all others. Also look at number 7.


6) Reinstall Oculus Runtime

Do a complete restart. Delete Oculus Runtime from your computer, unplug everything, and then download Runtime again. A lot of people say it fixed a problem for them.


7) Restart Windows While Rift is on

There has a bug been reported that can be fixed by restarting your PC (see also: Buy The Best VR PC Hardware). Your Oculus Rift has to be plugged in during restart.


8) Contact Oculus

If nothing above has worked for you, try contacting (although it’s hard to find the contact page). They usually respond quickly and can help you with the problem. They might even send you a new set of replacement cables, so if you don’t want to spend money on that, it should be free for you. If those new cables won’t work, they will send you a new Oculus Rift.

All of this however, will take time, so be patient.



If you have your own fix that has helped you, feel free to comment below. Also subscribe to keep up with everything related to VR and Oculus Rift.