oculus rift orange light black screen

HOW TO: Fix Oculus Rift Orange Light and Black Screen!

Oculus Rift giving you an orange light? You can hear the sound but the screen is black and that is it?

The orange light (or yellow light for some) is fairly common, however, there are different factors that may be contributing to it. It’s really hard to know what the issue may be, so I am going to list you many fixes that will probably help you solve it.

Going through an Oculus support system is extremely slow and they respond forever, so before you decide to talk to them, try out the following things:

Fix nr.1

  • oculus rift orange light black screenUpdate your GPU drivers.

Now, I know that it’s a fairly obvious thing and you may have already done it, but the matter of fact is, not all people know these kinds of things, and considering how many people resolve issues like that just by updating their old drivers, it’s a decent try.

If you want some help with how to do it, click this link.

Also, don’t forget to check your Oculus Rift drivers as well. Here is a step-by-step guide.

Fix nr.2

  • Oculus Rift Orange Light Black ScreenRevert your GPU driver to a specific one

Enough time has passed that reverting GPU drivers to 388.59 is simply not a good idea. Skip this step for now.

I know that I just said to update them. Well, the GPU driver issues are so common that I still would like to do some changes to them.

Change the GPU driver version to 388.59.

Although I am not sure what driver you are using, you might actually be using a version that is a bit buggy with Oculus and they haven’t managed to fix it. That is most common with beta versions of NVIDIA drivers, alongside with AMD. Use beta drivers only if you really need something from that list of updates, otherwise, it is safer to stick with full releases.

You won’t have to stay with this version, however, if that fixed it for you then you can be sure that the drivers are at fault and in the future you can either talk to Oculus about it or play around the faulty drivers until they are fixed.

Fix nr.3

  • Oculus rift orange light black screenReinstalling, rebooting, replugging

Now, this one will uninstall everything (alongside with games if you have them) so it’s better to do a backup of certain files:

  1. Close the Oculus app.
  2. Find the folder you downloaded the Oculus app to (example: C:\Program Files\Oculus).
  3. Copy the Software folder and then back it up to a new directory.

If you need to restore the games, just follow this guide after doing the following steps:

  1. Uninstall Oculus.
  2. Unplug all the Oculus stuff like a headset, HDMI, sensors, USB.
  3. Restart PC.
  4. Go to PC bios settings and make sure that Legacy USB is off, xHCI handoff is on, eHCI handoff (if you have those settings).
  5. Turn on PC and let Windows update all the drivers it needs. Make sure that Oculus stuff is still unplugged.
  6. Turn off the PC.
  7. Then plug in the Rift (as well as S)and all its needed components. MAKE SURE you plug it into your GPU and nowhere else. It’s extremely important. Also, the monitor needs to be plugged into a dedicated GPU as well.
  8. Try out a different port this time as well.
  9. Turn on the PC.
  10. Install Oculus again.

Still problems?

10. Carefully remove the facial interface of the Rift (that can be done with two thumbs very easily). Carefully remove the plug of the Rift and connect it again. Close the facial part.

Here is a video on how to do it:

That should fix most of the problems. If not, then I would suggest the following things:

Fix nr.4

  • oculus rift orange light black screen 3Make sure that your PC is VR ready

Well, it probably is but you never know. If that’s the case then I feel for you. It would mean that you need to buy specific hardware for it, and that is not only costly but it also takes time away from enjoying VR.

However, that is something that is important. If you are lacking good VR PC hardware, check out this link.

It lists all the best components for each budget, and they are not only VR-ready but give you the best of the best.

I would suggest downloading this program also. It examines your system and tells you exactly what is bottlenecking your build and what does not.

Update 2021: I don’t suggest that program anymore.


Fix nr.5

  • oculus rift orange light black screenContact Oculus Support (and probably ask for replacement)

That is also an annoying solution, but if all the solutions above haven’t helped you, there’s a big chance that the Rift itself is messed up from the beginning, or something bad happened along the way that you cannot fix.

Contacting the support is always time-consuming and they are slow to respond, but they do, however, suggest very often the replacement themselves. It is not tricky, and it doesn’t take convincing. If you explain the problem to them, they’d be more than happy with sending you a new Rift rather than go through all the troubleshooting.

The only negative part of this solution is that it may take weeks to fix.

Getting a faulty product is never fun and it’s stressful, so hopefully, these tips above helped you at fixing the Oculus Rift orange light issue and the black screen. If you still have problems or if you found a solution, please comment below so the others can see.

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    1. One suggestion that I’ve seen is playing around with USB ports. Are you sure you are using USB 3.0? Switch to that. Or buy yourself a USB 3.0 HUB. Many have found success with connecting their VR headset to that.

      – Alex

  1. So I have done all these steps I have found online and even had my co-worker who is a Network Engineer and HP/Dell Certified tech check it out and he couldn’t figure it out either. What happens is I have sound, but a black screen, orange light. If you move the headset around it moves on the laptop monitor like the game is functioning normal, but the headset is black. I have done troubleshooting with support, but they have not suggested sending me a new headset to try yet. Hoping they will this time and hopefully that fixes it. 🙂

  2. I am having the problem where the screen is completely black or rather there’s nothing on the screen and an orange light is present at the headset sensor.
    I have tried literally every resort available on the net. But am still unsuccessful. Any help or suggestion you coukd give me?

  3. I and another tried to look all over for stuff like this and can’t find much.
    After 5 hours of searching (Actually 5 hours), It turned to a white light.
    I kept it plugged in overnight and tried it this morning and it was no trouble for around 20 minutes.
    Until I hit the Oculus button on the right touch controller then everything crashed and I had to restart my computer. So I restarted and the light was orange again and will not work.
    Must I charge this for 5 hours before I can use it every time I restart my computer or is there a faster
    way of getting a white light?

  4. Hi, just a quick update.. I have just had a second (refurbished) Rift delivered & this one works! ???
    The audio is fine & the orange light/black screen problem has gone!
    Looking forward to getting back in VR now ?


  5. My Rift was absolutely fine for about a year, then the right speaker stopped working. I contacted Oculus & although they weren’t as quick as I would have liked (I’m impatient) they sent me a UPS label so I could return it & then sent me a (refurbished) replacement.. all isorted in less than two weeks!
    That’s really not bad service at all.

    However, that’s when the real problem started.. my refurbished replacement doesn’t work at all. Both speakers work though 🙂
    Ive got the orange light & the displays stay blank. The above article is very well done (thank you) but sadly nothing has worked in my case. I keep getting “Oculus Hardware Error” – I am now waiting for Oculus support to get back to me.

  6. Hi, I’m messing around with my Oculus for about 3 months now. Worked fine till februari. Had some issues with Windows, had to reinstall and hoped it would also take care of the black screen problem but no, the only pro I found is that instead of short audio I have continues audio now.. That’s a progress! Now following these steps, already had contact with Oculus but man, are they SLOW!!! Really regret the purchase by now, wouldn’t by anything from them again….

    1. They are. Many say that it takes them weeks to respond, and even when they do, it’s not as detailed as you’d like. A live chat option would be really useful in their case.

    2. Hi i have been trying to get my oculus work for a year now and no luck. All it does is sound. It shows the orange light all the time i have once unplugged the set and after that it stopped working

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