Revive Setup and Download Guide

How TO: Revive Setup and Download Guide – Easy!

Revive setup is fairly easy and can be downloaded for free. I’ll walk you through the needed steps one by one, so you’ll be able to play Oculus Rift games on your HTC Vive or Valve Index in no time.


Step-by-Step Guide


  • Download Oculus Software.
setup and download revive
setup and download revive

Use the following link.

-> Open Oculus Software.

-> Click Run.

-> Click Let’s go.

-> Click Agree (to the text we all read because we have and we never skip it).

-> Click I understand (if you do understand; if you don’t, you should immediately close the program for your own sake).

-> Click Install now (Use whatever folder you want. It doesn’t really matter).

-> Click Next 2x.

-> Click Skip Setup 2x.


-> …???

-> Profit.revive setup and download guideIn short, make sure that you skip the first-time setup it offers. Install this one before starting with Revive download and setup.


  • Download an Oculus Game

Download/Buy any game from the Oculus App for testing purposes. Once you purchase it, make sure that you download it and then go to library and click Finish Install and Install. By not doing that, you may risk with Revive not working for you.


  • Download Revive.

Use the following link. It is very important that you use the latest version. New games are added frequently and bugs are also fixed, so use only the link that I showed above. It automatically redirects to the latest Revive build.


  • Install Revive.

This one is pretty straight-forward. Nothing major is needed to be done. After downloading from the link above, just run the setup and then close it.


  • Launch SteamVR.

By launching SteamVR, the Revive program will also launch automatically. That is, of course, if you didn’t change settings.


  • Put on your Vive or Index headset.

When you are in VR, click on the system button and locate Revive app. After that, choose the game that you downloaded.

Now, if all was followed correctly, you should be good to go. That is it.

However, there may be some issues. Don’t worry, some issues are known and can be fixed.


Issues You Might Run Into

  • Issue: Getting a message “Oculus Rift not found” or “Entitlement Error”
  • Solution: Go to Oculus Home -> Settings -> Beta -> Restart Oculus. Alternatively, you can restart your computer.


  • Issue: Still can’t launch Oculus Games.
  • Solution: Turn off antivirus. There might be a possibility that you are not using a default Defender that is installed on Windows 10. If that is the case, your antivirus program might think it’s a malware. Turn it off and see if anything changes. If it does, just whitelist Revive on your antivirus block list.


  • Issue: Your position is incorrect.
  • Solution: In game, open your dashboard and find settings. Then, click “Reset Seated Position”. 


  • Issue: Controllers not working after starting the game.
  • Solution: Update your Revive. This issue has usually been connected to a series of installation where you don’t install something with admin rights. By giving it admin right, this bug usually disappears. However, developer was aware of that issue and did a hotfix on it. That’s why it’s important to always run the latest version of Revive.


If you don’t see your issue above, then check out this page or ask the developer here.


Compatible Games with Revive

Here are the games that are working correctly, and also remarks that help you squeeze out kinks that might occur.

List removed for more updated link below.

The games list might be updated over time, so I suggest to see the official list on github page.

If you have any question, leave them down in the comments!


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