HOW TO: Setup Vorpx and Oculus Rift For Fallout 4 Perfectly

Want to run Fallout 4 on your Oculus Rift the best way possible? Searching for VorpX settings? 13 days have passed since Fallout 4 came out, and people have played with VR settings for quite some time now. I searched and searched around for the best tips, all with one goal: To make Fallout 4 feel and run perfectly.

VorpX, for some of you who don’t know, is a program that injects itself into game files, and makes it possible for users to play their favourite games like GTA 5, Skyrim, or Call of Duty in virtual reality, using Oculus Rift, even if the game does not natively support VR. VorpX program has got better and better with each update, and the latest one (on Nov. 10) added Fallout 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

So here are the things you can do to get an enhanced VR experience with your Oculus Rift:


Fallout 4 | VorpX | Oculus Rift Setup Guide

1. Make Sure You Have The Latest GPU Drivers.

fallout 4 nvidia driversI am not sure what graphics card you are running, but if by any chance you have GTX 970/980 or better, you fall into the ‘Gameworks VR‘ category program, which lets you have a fairly nice performance, especially with VR games.


2. Download vorpX

vorpx 0.9Expensive or not, it is the only third party program that allows you to play so many regular games in VR. And the expense is well worth it. It supports over 160 games and is constantly updated to add VR to latest games. You can get it here (here is a vorpX review).


3. Change Some Settings in .ini Files

vr fallout 4 ini filesFix nr.1

  • In the Fallout 4 folder, open both Fallout4.ini and Fallout4prefs.ini
  • In the ‘Controls’ section, add this line: bMouseAcceleration=0

Aiming is quite bad in Fallout 4, so that little fix eliminates mouse acceleration.

Fix nr.2

  • Open Fallout4.ini
  • In the ‘Controls’ section again, find fMouseHeadingXScale
  • On the next line, make fMouseHeadingYScale double the amount of fMouseHeadingXScale

That is also a little fix for mouse aiming. Although the settings above aren’t for Oculus Rift, it does enhance the experience if you haven’t heard about them.

Fix nr.3

  • Open both Fallout4.ini and Fallout4prefs.ini
  • In the ‘Display’ section, add the following lines:



3. Change vorpX Settings

vr oculus rift fallout 4Have it like this:

Virtual Cinema Mode –                      OFF
3D Reconstruction –                           Z-adaptive
Separation (3D-Strength) –              2.00
Depth Weighting (near -far) –          0.91
Depth of Field –                                   On

Crystal Image –                                   High
Fix Black Smear –                               Off
Aspect Ratio Correction –                 Letterbox 2
Image Zoom –                                     1.00
2D FOV Enchancement –                 0.40

Direct Mode Mirror Window –       Full Size
Direct Mode Show Original –          Off
Direct Mode Async Render –          On
Direct Mode Frame Rate Sync –    Full
Lens Set (Eye Cups) –                      B
Interpupillary Distance (mm) –    Your personal IPD

Head Tracking –                              On
HT Sensitivity –                               0.68
HT Roil –                                           On
HT Invert X Axis –                          Off
HT Invert y Axis –                           Off
HT Crouch/Jump –                        Off

Disable Mouse Acceleration –     No
Override X-Box Controller –       Full


Here is how it should look:

You can play around with the settings to find out what suits you more. For example, you can play with FOV also by changing the ‘Image Zoom’ value. If you think you messed something up, you can always reset back to default.


How Does Fallout 4 Feel in VR Oculus Rift?

As many other games that are played in VR at the moment, Fallout 4 does not support Oculus Rift natively. That mean we have to bypass it by buying a third-party program. It does its job well, but nothing can compete with native support. And as long as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are caged by shipping dates, not many games are going to be released with VR in mind.

However, we do get the sense of scale, the feeling of 3D, and the head tracking by injecting certain files into games.

With vorpX, I would say, there are 2 main 3D stereo types: Geometry 3D and Z-buffer 3D.

Geometry 3D gives you the best 3D effect that you can’t even find in 3D cinema, but it renders everything twice. So it’s much more demanding for your computer.

Z-buffer 3D also gives you a good 3D effect, but when things are close to you in-game, surface flattens out. However, Z3D is much faster, and gives you a good framerate.

Even though 2/3 of the games out in the market have Geometry 3D, with Fallout 4, vorpX had to go with Z3D, as the performance is too bad with G3D enabled.vr oculus rift fallout 4G3D = Best 3D effect, bad framerate (25-30 fps)

Z3D = A bit worse 3D effect, good framerate (at least twice as good)

VorpX owner Ralf said that G3D for Fallout 4 is being looked into, but we shouldn’t have our hopes too high for that.

The most important part in ‘Oculus Rift enabled’ games is always framerate, and how well it performs. No wonder the upcoming Rift demands at least solid 90 FPS from games. If you don’t get it, experience for users is unpleasant due to headaches and VR motion sickness.

That is just a little rant explaining the settings behind vorpX and 3D. Other than that, there are no major issues concerning the VR in Fallout 4, and how well it plays.



Issues That May Arise With Fallout 4

Problem: FOV is still quite crap.

Solution: Try changing FOV through console. When in-game, press “~” key and type “fov 140” (without quotes). That will make your FOV good, but when you close the console, background goes back to zoomed in. To fix this, go back to console and type “refreshini” (without quotes).

Here is a good video that VR GAMING EVOLVED did:


Problem: You get black flicker in in Fallout 4.

Solution: Go to Nvidia control Panel and disable ambient occlusion.


Problem: HUD is too close and sometimes not visible.

Solution: Use the EdgePeek function by pressing the mousewheel to zoom out temporarily. According to Ralf – maker of vorpX – HUD will be scalable in the next vorpX update.


I want to thank vr gaming evolvedImmersiveGamer83, vorpX and Oculus forums for giving these great tips to enhance the experience for players. If you have any questions or any tips to share, feel free to comment below.


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