Leap Motion Shows Us How To Create a VR App in 4 Minutes

Leap Motion – the company that manufactures computer hardware sensors which track your hands – released a video teaching young developer plebs how easy it is to create an app which is intended for VR.

Making programs all together can be a hard work. But if you already have blueprints available, the time to make one is cut tremendously. Just have a bit of desire and persistence, so you can keep at it when things get confusing.

Leap Motion company here even decided to demonstrate what and how long it takes to create this Leap Motion VR game.


How TO:

  1. Go to unity3d.com and click “Get Unity 5”
  2. Click “Free Download”
  3. Choose download installer 5.1.2 (for rigged hands)
  4. OR go to older versions of Unity and download unity 5.0.4 (for image hands)
  5. Go to https://developer.leapmotion.com/downloads
  6. Download the leap motion SDK
  7. Then download the Leap Motion unity core assets in https://developer.leapmotion.com/downloads/unity
  8. Choose between VR/ desktop (for rigged hands) or AR (for image hands)
  9. Then open Unity and create project
  10. After that click Assets – Import Custom Package – Core Assets
  11. Find your previously downloaded core assets and open it, then Import
  12. Under “LeapMotion+ovr/Prefabs” find “LeapOVRCameraRig” and drag it into scene
  13. Set the Prefab’s X,Y and Z values to 0,0,0
  14. Then click Create – 3D object – cube
  15. Set cubes values also to 0,0,0
  16. Then position the cube in front of Prefab
  17. Go to inspector and click “Add Component” – rigidbody
  18. Turn off gravity
  19. Click File and save your scene
  20. Click File – Build settings – Add current – Build and then name your .exe file
  21. Now launch the .exe file and play it with your Oculus Rift

These mentioned steps were taken from the video and are in text form. If you want to see it visually, click the video above.

Truth be told, even I didn’t expect it to be so easy. Creating VR apps is important for everyone, for VR enthusiasts to have a variety of content to choose from, and for VR in general so it can succeed in the market. If you have interest in creating your own game in this new niche, feel free to start brainstorming.

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