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Genre: Survival Horror
Maker: Team JunkFish
Release date: Q2 2015 (Early access available on 29th of January)
Download Page: HERE
Game Support: Windows, Oculus Rift Support



About Monstrum

Oculus Rift support for the Monstrum game was announced last year. It was supposed to come out in the end of 2014, but due to the feedback from the testers, and because of the developers own thoughts on the readiness of the game, they decided to push the release date to 2015.

Unfortunately, the Oculus Rift support will not be available for the early access (29th of Jan.) like the full release will, as it still has some fixing to do before charging the full price.

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Monstrum is first person survival horror, where your job will be to stay alive and find an exit from the ship as soon as possible. What makes your life difficult is a monster, that tries to find and kill you. Apart from having 3 separate kinds of monsters with different behaviors, you need to look out for the traps and hazards, that are randomly generated.

And not only are the things spawning randomly, but the layout of the map is also changing constantly (each time you die). So to survive, you have to use your environment in your favor. As the monster can be distracted, leaving the lights on in the rooms, turning on the radio, or throwing things away from you will help you to progress, as the monster can be distracted.

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If you find yourself cornered with no things to divert the monsters attention, your only option will be to hide under the furniture, in the closet, or behind the boxes. To make your life a little easier, there will be multiple escape routes. Each route however, demands different things for you to discover.

Monstrum reviews are not out. However, you can read the feedback from here.


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Monstrum Trailer (no Oculus Rift footage yet)

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