NBA Partnered With NextVR to Show Weekly Basketball games in VR

With this VR partnership NBA LEAGUE PASS subscribers can enjoy one NBA League game every week in virtual reality. nba-nextvr

NextVR is build to give people live events in VR. They have patented the technology and because of that, they had great opportunities to not only partner up with NBA, but also work with networks like CNN, FOX sports, Live Nation etc.

NextVR executive chairman Brad Allen shared his thoughts on why NextVR is the next generation of sports viewing:


All this time we’ve been used to watching basketball from mid-court cameras, with the action going side to side. Now we can watch the action as its comes toward you. It gives you a much better sense of court spacing and how offenses operate.

In order to view games in VR, you will have to own Gear VR. Other VR headsets currently don’t work. After you placed the phone inside Gear VR, go to Oculus Store and download NextVR. There you will find required instructions to view NBA LEAGUE games. Remember though, you will have to have NBA subscription to view the live and on demand.