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Genre: Simulation
Maker: Ole Lange
Release date: 2014/11/27
Download Page: Free demo HERE (or full game HERE)
Game Support: Windows, Oculus Rift Support



About NoLimits 2

NoLimits 2 is a virtual roller coaster simulator. Oculus Rift support was added a while ago (Nov. 2014) to give users a much more realistic and stomach-turning experience.

You start as a visitor walking towards a roller coaster. When you get close to a seat, you are free to experience the ride while hearing the wind blowing on your face.

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There are different kinds of roller coasters. You can be in a big one for example that simulates a real world, a lego-made one that shows you different kinds of places and creatures, or a lego world, where you basically walk around a town that has funny attractions for you to explore (includes roller coasters). These were the ones I know of, but there are definitely more, as you can play other tracks that are made by randoms.

NoLimits 2 also has an editor program, where you are given tools to make your own roller coaster simulator. As awesome as this feature is, it is said to be quite complicated for people who just got the game. For letting your imagination go wild, it is suggested looking up some tutorials on how to do it.

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Reviews of this game are mostly positive. If not taking to consideration the difficulty of making your own roller coasters, and some jitters while moving your head, it is completely worth the price, as the graphics, overall look, and the community is great.


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NoLimits 2 Gameplay on the Oculus Rift

Gameplay of jacksepticeye

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