Oculus Removed ‘Go Live’ Feature. Here is a Replacement:

The users who updated their Oculus Quest to v30, might not have immediately noticed that the ‘Go Live’ feature has been removed.

oculus go live feature removed

The reason for it is uncertain. Here is what Oculus Support said about this:

Although the reason for deprecation is still uncertain, we can speculate that it may be due to the low popularity of the said feature. The only contradicting issue is that while streaming live wasn’t used much, it did bring people to Facebook, and Facebook owns Oculus.

If you are one of the people who have used it, and you are searching for a replacement, here is what I would use:


Guide to Oculus Quest Live streaming

First of all, ask yourself whether you want to stream like a professional with full resolution and aspect ratio, or do you just want to quickly show your VR stream to someone.

1st method – The easy way

If you want a quick and comfortable Oculus Quest streaming, you need:

  1. A computer that is on the same WiFi network.
  2. A microphone.
  3. Streamlabs program.

If your computer is on the same WiFi network, you can easily log in here and cast by going on the URL ” oculus.com/casting ” and you have your live view.

A separate microphone is needed in case you plan on talking. If you don’t plan on opening your mouth, ignore it.


Streamlabs program basically connects your view to streaming services like Twitch or Youtube. Many recommend using Streamlabs for VR as it is fairly easy to use for beginners. Here is a guide for using it.


2nd method – An aesthetic way

Although the previous one is comparatively quick and easy, your view will only be streamed from one eye. Meaning, other viewers will only see squared footage. With this method, your view will be in full-screen, and you will have much more control over the settings.

What you need:

  1. Sidequest program.
  2. Standard USB-C cable or Oculus Link cable.
  3. Streamlabs program.

First of all, download a Sidequest program and log yourself in. You will have to link your account as a developer. Here is how to do it. It won’t take long, but it’s necessary for Sidequest.

sign up as oculus developer

Once it’s done, connect your Oculus Quest to your PC. If your Sidequest is properly installed, it should turn green indicating a proper connection between the PC and your VR headset. Once the connection is there, choose a wireless option in the toolbar menu in the Sidequest program.

After that, disconnect the cable as it’s not needed anymore. In the same toolbar, choose the TV icon and cast your Oculus Quest view to the PC.

That’s it.

You will have a lot of options to choose from if the quality is not what you want, so just play around till you find something suitable.

The Streamlabs program is still in use, no matter what, so use that to connect yourself with Twitch or Youtube.

If you have anything to ask or add, leave your comments down below and I’ll answer them.


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