Oculus Rift Extended Mode Setup Guide – Updated

UPDATE: With the Oculus 1.8.0 release, the Extended Mode is not usable.

I advise using Virtual Desktop if the goal is to extend the monitor view to Oculus Rift.

Setting Oculus Rift to be in Extended Mode can fix a lot of issues, like judders. Although the end result may vary for each person, it does give you a better virtual reality experience. But if it doesn’t, feel free to play around with different settings (that you heard from other people) that suit you more.

The problem is that you have to work a bit harder on setting everything up correctly so that you don’t get black screens, split screens, or game launching problems. Yes, direct mode is a bit “unpolished” at this current moment, so we are left to rely on our own settings and programs. Be aware though, that this guide may not be useful once the consumer version of the Oculus Rift comes out since by then they will have most of the problems fixed.


Here is a Step-by-step Guide for Extended Mode:

1. Turn your Oculus Rift off and set it to Extended Mode by right clicking on the Oculus logo.


2. Turn Oculus Rift back on, and got to your screen resolution by right clicking on the desktop.


3. Press identify.


4. Move your desktop picture to the right of the Rift picture.


5. Set Oculus Rift as Main Monitor and hit apply.


6. Download VR Game Manager.

(Before you download, do know that this is an unofficial program made by Bigalo who is an established developer across many subreddits. He has his own thread in Oculus VR forums where he keeps people updated with his program. You can download the program HERE. Open it with Internet Explorer, as for some reason it shows an encrypted page with Mozilla Firefox).

7. Open VR Game Manager.


8. Move the program to the right of the screen so you can only see half of the VR Game Manager.


9. Turn your Oculus Rift on.


10. Select the game and set it to adapter 0.


11. Set to Windowed borderless.


12. Select “Disable Aero”


See also: Guide: How to Update Oculus Rift Drivers.

There can still be some issues if you follow these steps. Be sure to check out this Oculus thread (removed the dead link, 2018) that gives some good additional suggestions, as well as this one.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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  1. How do you “Move you desktop picture to the right of the Rift picture.” Might be a stupid question but I have to ask because my oculus doesnt work at the moment

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