Oculus Rift Lenses Getting Foggy? Try This!

All headshapes are different. The position of your nose, eyes, mouth all play a big role in designing Oculus Rift. Everything has to be comfortable.

But even when wearing is comfortable, some problems are overlooked – one of them is lens fog. If you are getting it, you are unfortunately in minority, so there aren’t many recommendations available.

I did some research, and have found 5 main solutions for your foggy lens issue.


Use a Fan

That is one of the most popular recommendations out there for those who experience it. You see, fogging comes mostly from your nose breathing hot air inside the mask. It could be because your nose is smaller in size, or it’s a bit higher. That creates an imperfect air flow which results in hot air bouncing off something and flowing at the display.

Not the kind of fan I meant, but it works also.

With placing a fan under your nose, it creates a better circulation for air so that hot air isnt trapped.

The only issue with this is, you can’t really move around the room as much because fans are stationary. So here comes another solution:


Use a Cloth

The first time I read about, it kinda impressed me. It was an ingenious advice from a redditor. If everything goes well, it can even block some light escapes.

What you do is find a thin cloth, like microfiber lens cleaning cloth, and place it right on your nose. Place it so when you put on your Oculus Rift, it stays fixed on the position. Also make sure that cloth is big enough to stick out of the Rift inside zone. That will guarantee that air does not return back into HMD.

One of the Rift users even used a sleeping mask (although mainly to block the light escape). 

May look ridiculous, but does wonders.


Use Liquid

This one is a bit controversial. Oculus specifically says that you should not use liquid to clean lenses, but it has worked for some, so take this tip at your own risk.

Some use anti-fog spray or gel (like this) , some use soap, and some even spit on Oculus Rift to counter-attack fog.

Although it can sound ridiculous, especially the last one, it works, as long as you don’t overuse it. Anti-fog sprays have been around for a long time, and the people that scuba-dive, or ride on motorcycles know the fog problem all too well. With that spray, your Oculus Rift is going to be fog free for days. Don’t use it every day, and don’t spray too much. Spray, and lightly rub it in with cloth.

Some, I’ve heard, used dish soap to attack the issue. I wouldn’t really recommend it since it can irritate skin upon contact, but if done carefully and in low dosage, it can help.

Spit isn’t the best solution, but has also worked for some. Just make sure to spit on your VR headset away from everyone else. Less headache with explaining later on.


Use Mouth to Breath

Be a mouth breather. That phrase I can use only once or twice in my life. This is also one of the most difficult things to get used to.

Since nose is usually the biggest reason for fog, you could try stop using it. Breathe through your mouth upon wearing HMD. The problem with that is, our organism works automatically. If you’ve been breathing with your nose for decades, and suddenly you have to turn off nose for hours at an end, you’ll notice that you are back with your old habits.

Try blocking the airway with stuffing. Not a good solution? I think so too, let’s try this one:


Rest it on Your Forehead

Evening the temperature between your head and VR headset will probably eliminate fog entirely.

This fix might be effective, but can take you a bit more time until you can enjoy VR content. What you have to do is place the HMD on your forehead, turn on the game, wait till everything heats up, and then place it around your eyes. That is not a sure fix, but can help those whose problems are not with nose, but with the temperature of their face (which is usually accompanied with sweat). Completely normal in most cases, but does ruin the VR experience. That’s where fan helps also.


These are my top tips to counter foggy Oculus Rift lenses. If you have any tips or tricks, leave them down in the comments.



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  1. Great article! Once on reddit, I saw the advice of never plugging off the headset. If the HMD stays connected to power, it is warmer and so it doesn’t fog immediately when you put it on. Tried it, makes sense 🙂

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