Should You Buy Oculus Rift From Amazon?


UPDATED 2017: Check out the recent Oculus Rift price on Amazon news!

At the moment you can buy only DK2 (development kit 2nd version) from an OFFICIAL WEBSITE, due to an older version (DK1) already being sold out.

The only negative side from buying directly from there is that you might have to wait for months till you get your Oculus Rift.

Oculus RIFT

Those of us, who aren’t patient and want to get it now, may buy it from third party sellers. Even though it will cost more that way, you will be guaranteed to get it immediately. We do, however, advise you to have the patience to buy it directly from the Oculus Website. That way you will support the developers, and you will have a full guarantee for the Oculus Rift. Even though I am affiliated with the links below, I suggest you not spend too much money on Amazon, until the Oculus Rift consumer version comes out.

If we are not mistaken, it should be coming out late 2015. After that, buying the Oculus Rift from the Amazon might be a cheaper solution, since it will be available for everyone then.

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Still, I try to check the prices for the Oculus Rift DK1 on Amazon regularly, so you can get yourself one for as cheap as possible. You can buy Oculus Rift DK1 from Ebay, or from Amazon:

If you want to buy Oculus Rift DK2 from Amazon, click below:

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