Oculus Rift Reactions – The Best of Them!

Oculus Rift reactions

Oculus Rift has been surprising a lot of people with its immersion. Never before have people truly believed in virtual reality becoming “a thing” of the future until now.

There are movies in development for the Oculus Rift, as well as all kinds of applications that help people to understand, or ease their life by using virtual reality. However, the biggest selling point for the Oculus Rift, as for now, are games. Games can give you gut wrenching feels inside your stomach, they may make you sick, scare you to death, or just make you hit your head against a wall when using head-mounted displays like Rift, or Vive (even though the latter hasn’t released a development kit yet).

Oculus Rift reactions are priceless, especially when their balance system is not the best. Although I do hope people don’t injure themselves too much.

Here is why a seated Oculus Rift experience could be safer option:


Russian Trying The Oculus Rift

Every once in a while you may see an Oculus Rift showcase in malls. This Russian dude may have signed up for something he wasn’t ready for.

Security Guard’s First Time

As was said by the uploader, he did not get hurt. And by the looks of it, he was trying the same roller coaster simulator as the guy in the previous video.


Jacob tries the Oculus Rift (roller coaster)

These roller coaster simulators run on low resolution (for now). Yet they manage to give you butterflies in the stomach.

Aunt Tries Out The Oculus Rift

This is basically an exact replica of the Oculus Rift reaction from my relatives. They just tend to grab everything that’s nearest to them and scream out loud. Caution: Your left ear will feel lonely in the end.


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Although the Oculus Rift is still in development mode, it can give you quite a roller coaster inside you. Check back here to get more information about the Oculus Rift, and everything related to it.



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  1. great post, loved the video’s , they should have given the poor guy a chair, would be something you would need to get used to using. Thanks for sharing this great info.

  2. I love the Oculus Rift! I can’t wait until it is actually available to own. I could think of so many different ways to use it (not only games and porn), l will be keeping an eye on your site to keep up to date on all the juicy details.

  3. hey
    good post, those reaction are priceless, for me the funniest one is the Russian one, i can’t believe we can actually can really make as laterally seaming fall, in reality not.

  4. Haha this is kind of comical. I have used this before and its really awesome! I never did the roller coaster simulator but that would be fun!

    Thanks for the very interesting things about Oculus Rift.

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