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Oculus Rift S Adapters – What Works and What Doesn’t.

If you are one of the people who came here by searching Oculus Rift S adapters, you might be in trouble.

As Oculus Rift S comes with DisplayPort requirements, your options are very limited.

What if I want to Connect Oculus Rift S to HDMI

For example: If you are looking for Oculus Rift S HDMI to DisplayPort adapter, then you are out of luck. It doesn’t matter that shops sell them. It just won’t work.

oculus rift s adapters - HDMI

You might think that it’s stupid. After all, the HDMI market is still enormous. Many people use it.

You are right. However, with recent technological breakthroughs, the pros outweigh the cons. Here are the reasons why DisplayPort is better than HDMI in regards to VR:

  1. HDMI 2.0 can do 18Gbps of bandwidth transfer from PC to VR headset. DisplayPort 1.4 can already do 32.4Gbps, AS WELL as support visually lossless compression. Not only does that mean that future VR headsets are already compatible with your PC, but the refresh rate and resolution can be increased with updates in the near future.
  2. With HDMI, manufacturers have to pay a royalty. We don’t pay it directly, but that does affect the price of VR headsets, believe me. DisplayPort is a free standard. No payment and less cost.
  3. Most modern GPU’s already come with three DisplayPort outputs. They also have HDMI, but that is mainly used for connecting TVs by most people.
  4. Compared to even USB-C, the HDMI is just inferior. In fact, USB-C seems to have been used to make VirtualLink. The VirtualLink was created to lessen the confusion for VR connection ports. Unfortunately, this project has been abandoned. There is no definitive reason, but as far as we know, not all devices managed to simultaneously announce the support for it. RTX 2000 series briefly came with VirtualLink support, but RTX 3000 ones already came without it. That’s a shame.
  5. Most VR-capable PCs and laptops already come with DisplayPort supports, and that means that everyone recognizes the superiority of it.


What If I want to connect Oculus Rift S to Mini-DisplayPort

With Mini-DisplayPort, you might be in luck. The signal may convert to your Oculus Rift S flawlessly.

oculus rift s adapters -Mini-DisplayPort

You just have to make sure that:

  • your Mini-DisplayPort is directly connected to the GPU.
  • that you use the adapter that Oculus Rift S comes with.

Some DisplayPorts may be using integrated graphics cards. Just make sure that you have recommended VR specs (GTX 1050ti+ or GTX 960+) and you are most likely good to go.

Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter is included with Oculus Rift S, so for best compatibility, only use that. IF you lost the adapter or any other reason, I would suggest buying this one:


What If I want to connect Oculus Rift S to USB-C

With USB Type-C, it’s possible to get a connection. But, just like with the previous option, there are some things to be aware of.

oculus rift s adapters - usb-c

  • It either needs to support ‘DisplayPort Alt Mode’


  • Be a Thunderbolt 3 port that is connected directly to GPU.

With Thunderbolt 3, there is usually a lightning bolt symbol beside it. With DisplayPort Alt Mode, there is a monitor symbol, or just letters DP. Either way, it is best to check the laptops (I guess that is what you use) specs.

When you find out that your USB-C is directly connected to GPU, then you just need a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter. There are available everywhere. Here is what I recommend:

If you have any other questions, please leave them down in the comments. I as well as others will gladly answer them.


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