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Oculus Rift Software Download Speed Slow? DO THIS!

Having Oculus Rift software download speed issues isn’t really rare and you should definitely not feel alone in this case.

Thousands have that issue.

Unfortunately, this download speed issue can’t really be fixed with one button. There could be dozens of reasons why it acts like that, and sometimes it’s not even from your end, and the fault relies entirely on Oculus.

Even the Oculus support guys themselves admit that their server system isn’t really best and that can result in slow software download speeds:

We’ve got a new installer coming out any day now with an improved download backend that can help address these slow download issues. Sorry you’re having trouble!

If you are reading this post, then quite a bit of time has passed since that quote. There is a big chance that most people do not have this kind of trouble anymore. But if you come from a google search, I’d bet that it’s not the case with you.

Do not worry, there are still some things you could do to improve the situation. Do not be the person who waits all those days, weeks, months until something is downloaded. Yes, the first file may be only a few megabytes, but the next one almost weighs 1 gigabyte.  There is a dude that waited 2 weeks while downloading it, and then at around 80%, it stopped downloading entirely.

I would have broken my router.

The issue could be with your router, by the way, and no, it does not deserve a smash down in Khabib Nurmagomedov style. Here is what you could try:

oculus rift software download router1. Restart your router.

A common suggestion but it’s also a common fix. If your other programs are downloading at a normal speed, chances are it won’t do much. However, it can eliminate some bugs for that awful speed.

2. Check your Windows Firewall settings.

If Oculus’ webpage is in its ‘blacklist’ you won’t really be able to download anything properly because Windows thinks this program is harmful to your computer.

3. Check your Antivirus program.

Same as with firewall. Every antivirus program has a list that it blocks or doesn’t allow you to see. The reason for Oculus going into that list can’t really be explained but it’s common that programs behave a bit erratically from time to time.

Doesn’t hurt to check it out just in case.

4. Change your DNS.

For some it works, for some, it doesn’t. Changing DNS is good when you see that your favorite website is down or that it doesn’t download something correctly.

You can get a good tutorial from here.

oculus rift software download space5. Make sure that you have at least 4GB of available space.

It’s not really connected to slow Oculus Rift download speed, but it can make a difference if you just free up some space. Programs act weird and sometimes the developers themselves don’t know why something doesn’t work, or even more infuriatingly, works.

6. If on Windows 7, make sure you have .NET Framework 4.5 installed.

This version is recommended by Oculus Team themselves. It’s not completely certain that it’s the fix that will eliminate all the problems, but Windows 7 has some issues with certain versions.

7.  Try a different browser.

I’ve had countless issues that were fixed by simply changing the browser to another one. Believe it or not, I’ve had to sin and open up the Internet Explorer to see if it works.

I did.

Whether you have Chrome, Firefox, or even Explorer, do some playing around.

8. Download the program from another computer.

The best way would probably be by going to your friends and using their PC to download it. Unless it’s a region issue, there is a very small chance of both of you having the same issue. Download it from them, then put it on a USB flash drive and open it later on your end.

oculus rift software download support8. Contact Oculus Support.

That’s the last resort. I don’t like to use it myself because it takes a lot of time to get a response. but it really does leave you with no options. Contact them and tell them your issue. They might ask you a couple of questions and provide you with a solution, maybe even a separate link for download.


That is it. If you have your own solution for slow Oculus Rift software download speed, then comment down below. Thanks for reading!


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