Oculus Rift With Chair Racing Simulator – Now That is Epic




Have you ever been lucky to try Oculus Rift? If you have you know it is very immersive and can make you a bit dizzy, specially if you are standing.

But still, you know it can look very real. Now imagine it with real motions. What I mean by that is imagine if you put on Oculus Rift, and sit on chair that moves depending on how you drive in the game for example.


Chair Racing Simulators



This is exactly what some Chair Racing simulators do. They throw you into the game, and to give a good immersion, chair moves left or right, back and forth to give you this awesome experience of real world driving. They are also equipped with a wheel, pedals, and in some rare cases with a shifting gear also.


Buying one


Now they are quite hard to find because they are quite unique. Usually they only have a wheel and pedals with a comfortable chair. But to find a good moving chair is not so easy. Now there are some seats at Alibaba, but as you can see, they are not so cheap.



Not surprising.

But there have been some guys experimenting Oculus Rift with Chair Racing Simulators. As it is done quite “unofficially”, it is really hard to set everything up properly.


How to set it up?


You have to

  • Buy Oculus Rift
  • But that chair simulator, which may cost well over a 1000$
  • Buy a manual for the chair (xsimulator)
  • Do some software tweeking

Don’t get me wrong it is quite possible, it’s just a lot of work if it is not intended to do so.

One guy however has managed to do exactly that.


Epic Fail?


Maybe, considering how much sickness you might get. But can we really be so pessimistic considering how in early stage it all is?

You can see how immersive it is for him as he raises his hands when crashing. I would have been as afraid as him.

In my opinion it has a really big potential in the future, and all we really have to do is wait for the Oculus rift to come out.



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