Oculus Runtime 0.8 Released!

Runtimes have been getting releases more often now that Oculus Rift CV1 is coming closer to our doorstep. And the most recent one is 0.8, which, according to oculus blog, has an “improved Windows 10 support”.

Alongside with improved user experience, you are going to get some features that are preparing software for Oculus Touch:

  • “Added HandStatusFlags to ovrTrackingState, which specifies whether the the Oculus Touch controllers are being tracked. Status includes orientation and position.”

oculus touch vr toybox demo

If you have an NVIDIA card (highfive), be sure to upgrade to to the 358.70 driver or later.

If AMD, then Catalyst 15.10 Beta or later.

If you want more specific changes with the following Runtime, then:

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